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My mom & I decided to take a little excursion to Fort Worth to check out the soon-ending Impressionist Exhibit at the Kimball Art Museum.  It's a cool building in the Cultural District, which is like a row of arched sections all attached.  Behold:
Kimball Art Museum via Omni Hotel's list of "25 Things to Do in Fort Worth"
I really liked the architecture.  My mom was saying that she thinks it would be a cool design for a home, just one long arched ceiling room, with partitions for the bathrooms/bedrooms, and a kitchen and living area at the other end.  I like that idea. 
Arch room pic via Architizer; my photo of the ceiling
The exhibit was amazing!  The Clark Exhibit is out of Massachusetts.  If you have a chance to take it in, you should!

I love art!  My favorite french impressionist has always been Renoir, probably because he has always been my mom's favorite!  I grew up on Renoir.  He does eyes the best.  These were some of my favorite Renoirs at the exhibit:
Clockwise from top left:
Sleeping Girl {new to me and really beautiful}
 Pere Fournaise {amazing piece! His eyes are stunning and so real.}
 Girl with a Bird, Mademoiselle Fleury in Algerian Costume {my mom wants to do a copy of this at some point with a future grand-daughter's face in place of the one in the original}
 Venice {makes me nostalgic}
A Box at the Theater {classic!}
Onions {incredible usage of color}
Self Portrait
Amazing pieces I loved by other artists:

Top row:
Monet, Seascape: Storm {I wish the picture showed the brightness of the colors!}
Morisot, The Bath
Boldini, Crossing the Street {amazing details!}

Bottom row:
Lautrec, Carmen {Lautrec is known for his bold french theater prints}
Troyon, Gooseherd {we loved the colors and light in this one}
Stevens, A Duchess, the Blue Dress {perfect color blue!}
Manet, Moss Roses in a Vase {elegant}
Boldini, Young Woman Crocheting {incredible piece!  I also like the room decor ;)}
Some other cool things at the Kimball:
Cafe in the Kimball {with seating in this awesome outdoor area if you can stand the Texas heat}; some stylish art books for sale in the gift shop {I got three, but wanted five of them!}
 While we were there, we spotted these decked-out ladies:

Members of the Dallas/Fort Worth Costumers Guild
 These fashions may be a far cry for the ones we normally feature on this blog, but I couldn't resist asking to snap a photo!  They look fabulous!  I think it was a nice homage to the impressionists whose masterpieces we were all there to see. 

Here are my mom and I walking around the cultural district:
My stylish mom & me
Mom: Scarf & shorts from Banana Republic outlet, tee from Harold's, Michael Kors sunnies, cork wedge sandals by Guess {similar}
Me: sweater, maxi, metallic belt, medallion necklace from Banana Republic outlet {yes, we both just went!!}, sandals by Kelly & Katie {similar}, bracelet from Target {also seen here}, the leather bag is one of my Florence, Italy finds!
After the museum, we got lunch at a fun little Tex-Mex joint, Dos Gringos.  It was totally delicious!  I chose the cheese enchilada and a crunchy beef taco {recommended, although the rice & beans are very average and I didn't really eat them}.  Check out my cute little mom trying to take a bite of her giant shrimp tostada {which she loved, along with the charro beans}!

We had the chance to see some of Fort Worth before heading back to the Big D, too!
my photo of "Texas" Street; my photo of some beautiful bell towers; giant statue photo via Jim's Bike Blog
Fort Worth is pretty cool.  Sometime, I would also like to check out the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame, and the Cattle Raisers Museum, along with the famous stockyards.

Have you ever been to Fort Worth?


Kerry at: June 13, 2012 at 7:48 PM said...

This is a great reminder to venture to Ft. Worth! I never think to go there!

I love your maxi dress! It looks amazing on you! I actually have it sitting in my closet right now waiting to be returned. : ( I like it and the fit, but hate that I'll have to have a base layer or a top layer to wear it. Especially not good for me in this summer heat which has me exclaiming, "HACE CALOR!"

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