Style That Item: Maigen's BR Outlet Coral Sparkle Necklace

Good morning! I hope that you had a great weekend! It was sickville in my household so not much fun was had here, aside from welcoming home my mom and stepdad from their Maui vacation and lying around reading Bossypants. I apologize in advance for any spelling/grammatical errors and/or lack of sentence fluency that resides within this post, as I'm still not back to myself just yet.

I did clear my stuffy head enough to attend a sewing class at our local Joann store with Isabel on Friday afternoon {we missed you, M!}. It was just the basics, but I think Iz and I were bit by the little sewing bug! I know I plan on taking another class, and I recommend them if you were considering doing the same. Hopefully we'll have lots of fun, creative projects to share with you soon!

Now onto this week's Style That Item feature! We're giving our styling two cents to Maigen's fun little coral sparkle necklace that she purchased at the Banana Republic Outlet Store. Putting on this necklace is an effective way to add a little color and sparkle to one's ensemble. Plus, something about it makes me want to shake my hips! I think it's the little jingly-jangly beads and rhinestones. So let's shake our hips on down to see what I came up with for our ever-so-stylish Maigen!

First up is an outfit that I would envision Maigen wearing to a wedding, a frequent summertime happening, though I think this look could be worn year round. The gorgeous jade color of the dress would look great on M! Picking up on the sparkle in the necklace are these great Kate Spade gumdrop studs {a favorite of mine, as I'm sure you've noticed}; I'm going to keep on using these earrings for every ensemble that I feature because I want the earrings that are paired with the necklace to enhance it, and not distract from it. This very inexpensive F21 bangle picks up on the sparkle from the earrings and necklace, and the golden hues in the necklace and sequined belt. I couldn't decide which heel I preferred, so I left both as options {though one is far less expensive than the other!}.

This next outfit would be a great one for Maigen to wear when churching {I had to steal your cute word, Iz!}. I'm a huge fan of wrap dresses, and I especially love how this one has a high-low hemline. This is something that Maigen can pull off due to her height {it looks ridiculous on shorties petite gals like me}. The colors in the dress are really lovely, with pops of pink, coral, jade, and lavender; I couldn't help but pick up on them through the heels and clutch. I really adore this affordable little bow sparkle bracelet! I think Maigen would be stunning in this look!

This would be a cute date night outfit for M! I'm letting my love for animal prints shine through once again in these awesome DVF leopard print wedges! I love them paired with this gorgeous deep mustard-hued dress; I think the silhouette of the dress is very similar to one she already owns. The quilted bag is an affordable option on a classic look. I used a bracelet to tie the accessories and the entire look all together, and I love how her necklace will complement this entire look. Meow, Maigen!

This next look would be great for the office! How much do you covet these gorgeous and comfortable-looking printed pants?! I love them paired with this shallow sea colored Blythe blouse and rich coral patent leather belt. I think it would be cute to layer this rad elephant necklace with Maigen's BR necklace. Some cute wedges or flats {again I couldn't decide which I preferred} and this blush Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo complete the look.

A great casual Saturday look lies below! This great navy dress would be a versatile piece for M to have in her closet. We all know how much she loves a hat, and I think this one is so cute {though totally over-priced; sorry, Anthro}! I love the belt with it's rich green color and fun gold accents, and I like how the bracelet mimics the belt a bit. Finish it off with these awesome sparkly t-strap flat sandals, and you've got yourself an easy, breezy weekend look.

I saved my favorite outfit for last; I totally want to live in this! I love a jumpsuit/romper and this simple denim romper would be a great piece to own, as the possibilities are endless for what you can do with it. I know that yellow can be Maigen's nemesis, but I think since this cardigan is more golden-hued it could work well with her skin tone. This elephant belt has my heart going pitter-patter; again with the animals! I really love these wedges, but I couldn't decide which color I thought would complement the look better, so I featured both. I think Maigen could rock this look!

How would you style Maigen's necklace?


Maigen at: June 18, 2012 at 7:55 PM said...

I love all of these outfits!
The little green dress & belt are fab, I love the navy floral dress, the mustard dress outfit is classic, the fancy pants outfit is too cute {love the elephant necklace with my necklace} and umm... PINK PURSE, love the hat outfit {especially the breezy dress and green belt}, and, I'm not much for jumpers in general {I think I might look like a potato in one;)}, but I actually think that is my VERY FAVE look! Super cute & so 70s! LOVE!

KLee at: June 22, 2012 at 12:48 PM said...

I'm loving the denim jumper! Can vertically challenged people pull that off?

Kerry at: June 22, 2012 at 9:15 PM said...

Oh, yes! Vertically challenged peeps can pull it off! It'll make us look taller as long as the hem hits as close to the ground as possible. You'd look so cute in it, and the price is pretty reasonable.

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