Style That Item: M's BR Coral Necklace


How K and M can pull so many great outfits together in a week complete with head to toe accessories is beyond me!  They are some talented ladies!  Check out how they styled M's sparkly necklace here and here!

Coral is one of my FAVORITE colors right now (can't get enough) so I immediately took to M's necklace!  I completely understand what she means when she says "I'm a long necklace gal" since my comfort > style aesthetic lends itself to using long necklaces and accessories to add a splash to my outfits.  

:Look one:
Here's my first look: light leopard spots as a neutral with colored minty jeans.  I think the pale green or even a brighter green would go great with coral!  On the other hand, I'm also extremely drawn to striking contrasts like the black blouse with the minty green and coral.  I've found by looking through my Pinterest that I pin a lot of black and white interiors - hmm!  

Show Your Spots

The leopard clutch and Kate Spade "Show Your Spots" studs (yes, I stole that phrase) add animal instinct to the pretty neutral outfit on the right, while the leopard two-tone tops from Zara on the left would need some accessories that are less flamboyant.  On second thought, maybe the leopard is too much on the top and would work better on the bottom so the necklace can shine!  She could even layer the black blouse OVER the tan sweater for the fall/winter.  Double duty!

:Look two:
Next up, since Maigen has been oogling over nautical anything every time we meet up, I thought I'd try a "Nod to Nautical" in a less navy, white striped manner.  I really like what I came up with!  Again, pale minty green pops up...hmm...I see another trend...

Nod to Nautical

I LOVE those shorts!!!  I originally tried to find M's sailor pants she posted about here, but thought a shorts option would be cute!  (Also, I couldn't find her pants online...*grin*)  I would tuck in the blouse and let all the hardware on the shorts and blouse bring in the nautical elements.  Plus, that compass necklace is pretty sweet!  The short collared necklace can lay inside the blouse with the top two (or three -*gasp*) buttons open.  Then the long compass necklace could bounce around outside the blouse and satisfy M's love for length!

:Look three: aka 
This ad is SO beautiful to me!  The faded textural neutrals paired with bold neutrals, outlined in complementary textures and shades of white/tan and then popped with cobalt blue - sigh!  This is a complete go-to look for M and that pretty coral necklace.  Even though I didn't put this together, it should happen.  I see a weekend on the town outfit here!
I want those shorts - badly!

:Look four:
Polka Craze
Using J.Crew and M's turban love as inspiration, this pattern concoction below is pretty fun!  M can wear this to work easily and will look so pulled together!  I actually really want this outfit :D

Polka Craze

Elizabeth and James dot ribbed tank, $138  J Crew skinny capri, $118  Unlisted sandals, $35  Wallis coral earrings, $12  J Crew new arrival jewelry, $8.95  Tory Burch long scarve, $125  TOWNSEN Stripe Baseball Tank at Revolve Clothing, $79

:Look five:
I needed some summer dress options for M to keep cool (one thing I love about being a girl!)  Short necklaces really need an open neckline or a collar to wrap around so a strapless colorblocked maxi or a deep vneck is a great place to start!  The hint of yellow from the wedges would add just a tiny peep of extra color.


Vintage Silk Jersey dress, $165  Long maxi dress, $39  American Eagle Outfitters one button blazer, $60  Seychelles platform sandals, $45  Bebe black high heels, $80  Forever 21 striped handbag, $25  Gorjana post earrings, $25  Gold clutch

One thing I love about our Style series is that I've come to terms with my own personal style.  I see trends in my posts and it's like, "Wow.  Ok.  I DO have a distinct style."  Likewise, I DROOL over K & M's styles and am so grateful to be in partnership with them!  It is so fun to see what they create!

Send us some items - home or fashion - that you'd like us to tackle!


Kerry at: June 22, 2012 at 9:11 PM said...

This whole post is so aesthetically pleasing! I'm continually amazed by your talent!!

I'm in love with the nautical outfit, and I love the show your spots ensembles, polka craze is so fun, and the color blocking has some awesome dresses!

"I love everything about this - damn you JCrew" totally had me giggling and nodding my head in agreement!!

Another awesome post that totally shows your distinct style. LOVE

Maigen at: June 23, 2012 at 2:17 PM said...

Oh. No. Now I have many new things to add to my wish-list! Dang, lady, there are some amazing looks in this post!
I am absolutely smitten with the nautical look (big surprise)! I love EVERYTHING about it!
But, literally every outfit is fabulous! The mint pants and leopard earrings (meow!), the J Crew (and yes, I have been LOVING that look, too! I want both of those necklaces in a bad way!), and especially the head scarf look (those polka pants are totally on my wish-list, I covet them)!
Also, the dress looks are great! I love the pop of color of the yellow with the green!
Awesome job, as always! :)

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