Style that item: My Orange Vase

This is my vase.  My AMAZING, bargain vase that I scored at Home Goods and have loved ever since!  It's the BEST color, a great size for grouping with other items, and {between you and me} only set me back like $8, even though it looks absolutely fabulous!  Mama loves a deal!
Aren't Iz's pics superb?!
Here is how I actually have it styled:

On my silver-leafed nightstand... Yes, this is another Isabel Leu pic {well, part of it!}  I don't want to give too much away, just consider this a sneak peek at the GORGEOUS photos she shot of my apartment!  Lucky you!  ;) 
Lately, I have been thinking a lot about a white and navy room.  Nothing is
quite as fresh, clean, and sophisticated, in my opinion.  And I think a white and navy room with one or two objects of another color that pops is equally delightful...

I also think it's quite lovely to have a sitting area in a bedroom.

Which is why I decided to do this:

Here's a break-down, by sections of the room! 
I think this blue & white artwork is insanely lovely!
A chrome & crystal chandelier will brighten up the sitting area and add some interest. 
These cotton canvas window panels, Scribble Lattice are light and airy. 
I dig some industrial style sconces for next to the bed. 
A sunburst mirror "brilliant plaque" adds some bling!  
This framed Preserved Sea Fan adds a little depth to the art arrangement and these
Lighthouse blueprint pics are sickeningly expensive, but I love the architectural vibe!  
Wall Art, "Upstairs" is a fun little print that won't set you back much, plus the room needs the splash of color!

I'm loving these zebra chairs!  White & grey, so that they are still neutral, but with personality! 
I'm currently obsessed with a white cowhide rug and a 
mirrored side table adds some whimsy. 
I also love Anthro's cute pretty pansy vase!
Gotta have somewhere to put your feet up!  How about these leather ottomans?

A gorgeous white nail-head headboard lends a dramatic backdrop for
West Elm's pin tuck bedding. 
I am digging the preppy Jonathan Adler euro shams & sheet set!
An oblong 14x36 stone white Mongolian Lambswool pillow will add some texture {this photo is of another size, but it's too difficult to see the 14x36 pic}. 
Snaps to Kerry for her impeccable taste! This tangerine lion pillow is on her wish list.  I love it! 

This funky alarm clock will look great on a
mid-century modern night stand!
I love this campy metal whale to group with my vase and
a gorgeous coaster from Anthro.

 This West Elm clear & opal glass bowl is fabulous and on sale! 
A cast metal jewelry tree {jewelry not necessary, I like it just as decor} and this poppy 
navy & white vase will make a cute little grouping! 
I love the Istanbul Rug for the bed/dresser area. 
A glamorous  mirrored dresser will be home to some books, too, adorned with these fabulous 
petrified wood bookends!  I like the natural, organic feel of these.  They add a little earthiness to an otherwise dressed-up-for-a-party room! 
Here's a little inspiration for the actual walls, via Pinterest.  I love the elegant white walls in this room {not to mention EVERYTHING else about it!}...

Via  Whatwilsonwants

Another alternative {my fave, btw}... I am absolutely smitten with high-gloss navy walls, like in the two GORGEOUS rooms below:
Elle Decor via Live Breathe Decor
Via, Decor Pad

Or, for some drama, how about stenciled walls {or accent wall... or ceiling?}?  I think something graphic and classic... 
Via Royal Design Studios
Finally, another option: wallpaper!  I am enamored with wallpaper, nowadays!  I'm so glad it's back, in such an updated, funky way!  This is not the dowdy front hall wallpaper of our childhoods, and thank goodness for that!
Anna Spiro's new wallpaper collection, via Adore Home Magazine

How would you style my vase?


Isabel at: June 7, 2012 at 9:35 PM said...

ohmygosh, I LOVE IT!!! What a great room to wind down and relax in at the end of a long day! I want those petrified book ends, Istanbul rug, that entire green/gold room, that octopus and is that navy paint lacquered?! M - you are awesome!

Kerry at: June 7, 2012 at 9:38 PM said...

I forgot about that awesome tangerine lion pillow! Thanks for reminding me that I covet it!

The octopus print is my favorite!

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