Wishin' and Hopin' and Thinkin' and Prayin'

Okay, so this blog is super-fun to write.  I love writing it.  It's almost like going shop-crazy, only without spending the money, and with something to show for it: "see, this is an outfit I made, I would wear it in real life," or, "I created this room, do you like it?!"  It's almost as satisfying as actually shopping most of the time...  But not ALL of the time, unfortunately.

Here is a list of the things I have stumbled across while doing this blog that I MOST desire to actually add to my life {I will try to keep it somewhat short, but I can't promise anything}!  Of course, when it comes down to it, I will probably end up only picking up about 3-4 of these lovelies!  {I always end up feeling too guilty to actually shop til I drop!}

An aside: I wish I were a minimalist.  But I am SO NOT.

1 $65 J Crew Bellflower earrings - 2 $38 Anthro Sky Rocket earrings - 3 $35 J Crew Ladybug earrings - 4 $24 Anthro Mini Pyramid earrings in gold - 5 $14 Triangle Stud earrings - 6 $25 ZAD Hammered Gold Cuff - 7 $199.95 on sale Anthro twisted cuff

If I had to choose, and of course, I do, since there is no way I would or could get all of these little trinkets, I would definitely pick up #2, 3 & 5 above... Now, on to accessories of grander proportions.

1 $88 on sale, J Crew sunglasses in Kiwi - 2 $59.95 Audrey Brooke Wedge Sandal - 3 J Crew Viv printed flats {no longer available in this pattern & with bow... BOO} - 4 $29.95 Roxy Flat sandals - 5 $38 Anthro belt

Since the Viv flats are goners, I would opt for #s 1 & 4 as my very faves above... Of course, those sunnies are far more likely to look weird/bad on me than not.  But, those flat rope sandals are inexpensive and super fun! 

1 $108 Coach Audrey clutch - 2 $26.95 bow clutch {only available in black now} - 3 $19.99 Lime green studded clutch - 4 $39.94 Coral Chainlink straw tote - 5 $148 Anthro Anchor Twinkle clutch  - 6 $198 cream cross-body bag - 7 $222.99 on sale Vince Camuto Jade bag - 8 $248 Anthro white hobo bag

I have a sickness.  It's called "bag fever."  I think my very fave is #7, but the Miss Frugal in me wants to pick #4.  And, I'm actually really happy with that.  Orange is the best!

1 $12 Tie-dyed tank - 2 $72.50 J Crew cardi in navy/pink - 3 $98 Anthro yellow pants - 4 $118 J Crew Cafe Capri in Pop Art Polka Dot - 5 $118 J Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt - 6 J Crew skirt no longer available {similar, extremely expensive option here}

I have some new/renewed goals in my life, so I don't really want to buy any clothes that won't fit once I lose some weight.  So, it would be pretty lame to spend a lot on the MIRACULOUS yellow &/or polka-dot pants, which are by far my favorite clothing items above.  The tie-dyed tank, however, is practically free and would go with many of the clothes I already have, making it a winner!

1 $249.99 5X8 rug at Z Gallerie - 2 West Elm Hummingbird Pillow Cover, no longer available online - 3 $149.95 Z Gallerie Gold Shell - 4 Z Gallerie Angel's Wings, no longer available :(
I really want all of the things above, but, I will settle for tracking down the hummingbird pillow and saving up for the rug & shell.  I'm always willing to spend a little more on home items, since they will be around forever. 

So, in general, several of my faves are no longer available, but there is still plenty for my little heart to jump at... Really, WAY too much!  I love to shop.  Can I get a "what what??"   


Isabel at: June 25, 2012 at 3:41 PM said...

WHAT WHAT! I love this idea of wishlist posts! Ladybug earrings please come my way! Those Viv flats are oh so darling! So sad they're not available anymore =/ You are one stylin' lady my friend! I want to be your daughter and inherit all these fun finds!

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