A New Neu Bedroom

My bedroom right now is fabulous.  Grey, cream, dark orange & peacock blue.  *Sigh*  It is totally based around this pillow:
The Anthropologie "If...Then" Pillow

I have decided that, with only about 770 square feet to work with in my current & future apartments, I'm switching back to a queen bed {until I can buy a townhouse.  I mainly want to buy a house so that I can decorate more rooms.  Is that sick?}

So, the king is going in storage, and therefore, so is the king bedding.  And matching curtains.  Later, when I move, they will feel new again!  {I haven't had them very long.}  I am a little bummed out, though. 

My new bedroom is going to be super neutral.  I'm still debating whether to bring in a couple of pops of what I like to call "Listerine green"...

Here's what I've got {a few wish list items have been procured!} & am planning:
My room may or may not be sponsored by West Elm!  ;)  Ha ha!  I love that store.  I may be addicted...
I love fun pillows!
1} WE Gilded Grasscloth pillow, no longer available {similar}.  I had wanted this forever, but other things just kept coming up.  Then, suddenly WE sold out!  I found one on Ebay {"miracle!" I thought} but it came and was a hideous old Crate & Barrel pillow cover.  I'm pretty sure someone was trying to pull one over on me, but I know my pillowcases.  You have to wake up PRETTY EARLY IN THE MORNING...  Back it went.  And, "miracle" again, someone returned one to WE online, or something, and it was available again & on sale!  I scooped it up, and then it was no longer available again!  Proving to me that, as I suspected, we are, in fact, *MFEO. {wish list item, check!}
2} WE zebra pillow in grey
3} WE Octopus Silk pillow {wish list item- Treat Yo' Self}
4} WE Lourdes Sanchez Bulls Eye pillow {no longer available, but if you'd like the sweet RUG, click here}

Mongolian lamb pillow {in stone white or pebble, leaning toward pebble};
My favorite fabric {aside from this}, a linen/metallic leather polka-dot {from local store Cutting Corners, which I love!} I am making a 14X36 pillow out of this, to add a new shape and some texture.
 Here is the bedding:
1} WE dot-print sheets in mushroom {no longer available, but I'm keeping my eyes open for another set to pop up on Ebay or something!  I will rotate out with white sheets for now!}
2} Lexington Quilt in Feather Grey
3} Pier One throw with metallic gold threads
4} WE organic pin-tuck duvet & Euro shams.  Still available in Steel Blue or the pretty Sea Spray.  {Wish list item!}  I have stalked this duvet for months.  WE's bedding would go on sale ALL THE TIME, only never this bedding in WHITE!  It went on 20% off a couple of weeks ago and I knew I'd better act fast, before it sold out!  Yay, my patience and diligence in shopping paid off!  HA!
Now, the curtain dilemma...
So... I didn't organize this too well, sorry. #3 is my living room curtain fabric {it's flocked linen, black & white}.  Since my new apartment is a studio/loft style, you will be able to see the bedroom from the living room.  So, the curtains definitely need to compliment my existing curtains. 
1} A nice tan/grey {depending on how the light hits it}, this is elegant and understated, and I love the coral-esque monotone pattern.
2} I love the graphic, not sure if the grey is too dark, though.  Trying to keep everything light, but I'm always drawn to grey.  I'm afraid this might compete with, instead of compliment, the living room curtains.
4} The same as #2, although this is a nice white and light tan.  I really like this.  Although it is a graphic, like the living room curtains, the shape is totally different.  Also, the pattern is on the same scale as in the living room curtain's pattern.  Love. 
Or, alternatively, if I don't want to make my mom make curtains {which is what actually happens, even though I help!}, I could get some that are pre-made {although, mom & I will certainly end up adding black-out backings}:
I LOVE these!  I also used them here.  I'm not sure if these would compete too much with my living room curtains, though...
Another option...
These are nice because the print is so understated.  However, they are so light-weight, I'm not sure how they will look with black-out backing.  They are no longer available online, but I saw them at my local West Elm store.  They are the "Craved Circles" panels, if you are looking for them.
I think I'm leaning more toward a tan-ish color for the curtains, since there is so much grey in the bedding/pillows... So, I'm thinking #1 or #4 {of the fabrics that we would have to make curtains out of} are my faves.

Most of my accessories will probably be white or metallic, but I'm probably going to throw in my awesome Target lamp {no longer available, clear version here} and my two WE green cylinder vases {no longer available, but now they have some pretty grey shades}.  I have 2 sizes, and they are the prettiest green {the pic is not that good, probably closest to the furthest left vase, or the one out in front}...
I would like a tan linen drum shade for the lamp.  Maybe something like this, although, I really prefer that the diameter of the top and bottom are the same:

Which curtain/curtain fabric do you like best?  And, do you think I should stick with my plan of incorporating the green?


Nav at: July 22, 2012 at 9:26 PM said...

love the idea of neutrals in the room with a little pop of color!

good luck :)


Kerry at: July 22, 2012 at 9:48 PM said...

I like #1 of the fabric choices for curtains, and I vote yes to the Listerine accents! It helps to tie in your octopus pillow and punches things up!

Your new apartment will be just as fabulous as your current one! I can't wait to see it all come together! So exciting!

Isabel at: July 24, 2012 at 9:09 PM said...

Well done, friend! And I will attest that the carved circles curtain is so pretty!!

I reaally like #1 curtains because of its 3D effect. The graphic is so different yet complimentary to your living room curtains and would be another delight for the eye as it travels around the apartment.

PLEASE add some more Listerine!!! I can't wait for that term to catch on and become a trend! :D

Leather Armchair at: September 19, 2012 at 1:42 AM said...

Hey Isabel..! Don't you think that stuff with 3D effects can make the room so congested..?

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Aldis Green at: September 19, 2012 at 7:28 AM said...

yeah leather..! i do agree with you. 3D stuff will definitely make the room little bit congested because everything is seems to coming outside. isn't it..?

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