Church Lady: Part Deux

I hate to admit this.  But, here goes.  Lately, I have found myself watching "Fashion Police" on a fairly regular basis. 

Although E! is really not usually my bag, baby {in fact, I can't stand celebrity gossip, on TV or in mags or anything}, I've always loved Joan Rivers' snarky fashion reviews of the red carpet, and that's what sucked me in.  She is really funny, although often crude. 

Which brings me to the other main thing I like about the show {aside from, obviously, the fashion!}: the co-hosts' reactions to Joan's crazy, often disgusting observations.  I've never really cared for famous people who are famous just because, well, they're famous, like Kelly Osbourne {sp?}.  But, this show, I have to admit, has totally changed my mind about her.  She comes off as absolutely demure and adorable.  Every time Joan says something gross, she still laughs, but it's out of shock, and she can't even look at Joan, she just kind of laughs and keeps her head down, like she is so embarrassed.  So, it makes me think she's a pretty nice girl. 

The other two hosts, I don't know where they came from, although I believe Guiliana has a reality TV show.  She seems pretty funny.  But, the other best reaction is always from George.  He laughs in such a funny, charming way, which the producers ae totally aware of, since they always zoom in on him to capture his shock and joy.

The weirdest thing about the show, well... one of the weirdest things about the show, is the bizarre laugh-track they use.  It always sounds like there are tons of guys in the audience, which is why I know it's fake.  The show is "Fashion Police," for heaven's sake!  The audience is not full of men, I am quite sure.  And, worse, they pretend like they are straight men, because they always have them make very hetero-sounding calls when they show beautiful women.  This is even less believeable.  At least do me a solid and have them make the cat-calls at the hot men they show. 

Anywho, back to the point.  I saw this last night, and it inspired me to try for a bad-a look today.  Behold, Victoria Beckham, looking MAJOR:
via Radar Online
I fell asleep trying to come up with something a little rock-n-roll for church.  Here's what I wore {this was about as bad-a as I could justify, I mean, it's still church!}:

Lace-edge tank: Old Navy
Royal blue linen cardi: Banana Republic outlet, probably still in stores {similar
multi-chain necklace: Target {similar}
belt:? {old, it's actually got a big, hideous silver plate buckle, but I wear it backwards now}
"black pearl" earrings: Banana Republic {old}
heels: Steve Madden {old}
up-do: the "double bun" via the Small Things Blog
Black skirt: Max Studio {old} {I wanted to wear my black window-pane pencil skirt, but it's in the dry cleaner pile!}
bag: yellow leather/white canvas {old}
I also took a lot of inspiration from one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE LOOKS, Carrie Bradshaw in the "Sex and the City" movie:
Fab Sugar
I wish I had a dress in this silhouette! It's such a fun, girly dress/print with such edgy shoes & belt {I always love that irony in dressing}!  I also adore the jacket in another floral in the same color family!  This outfit is so amazing... 

Gossip on This
 What celebrity outfits {or whose celebrity style, in general} do you love?


Kerry at: July 1, 2012 at 7:26 PM said...

I actually love E! No shame here! Giuliana is an E! News anchor along with her reality show with her husband. I adore her! She's a pretty inspirational lady with all of her recent struggles.

VB looks killer, as always. I'm obsessed with her. I love your outfit inspired by her! You look amazing, and I'm in love with your shoes! That CB look is classic.

I'm always inspired by Rachel Bilson and Olivia Palermo.

Isabel at: July 9, 2012 at 2:14 PM said...

YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! That blue looks fab on you and that studded belt is perfect for your bad-a ness!

I...admittedly, like LC's style. There are more, I just can't remember them right now! I should pick up an US Weekly or People or something!

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