Design Star Episode 6 (?)

The designers are creating a kitchen this week.  Sweet!  {And, the "Kitchen Cousins" will be in the house!  Burly!} 
Cute Cousin #1, David Bromsted, Cute Cousin #2
Two designers will be sent home, which you know I love!  The editor from HGTV is there and is encouraging the designers to use color.  Awesome!

They have to work in pairs.  Just up-front, I want to say that I think it's pretty weird that no one did a real back-splash.  Now, onto the pairs:

Danielle & Britney will be working in the L-shaped kitchen with the stainless sink, which is gorgeous.  Their color combo once the paint, cabinets and counters are in is so boring.  The yellow door is a good idea, but I wish it was more of a marigold than baby chick yellow.  I think the overall room falls flat.  The colors are so muted, it feels like Anthropologie, but not in a good way.  In an "I accidentally forgot to separate my colors from my whites in the laundry" kind of way.  I do like the industrial baker's rack, though, and the styling is nice with all the fresh flowers.

Judges: Cute Cousin #1 likes the mix of old & new.  They like the chandi.  They like the eclectic mix.  Cute Cousin #2 pointed out that the picture frame back splash might look cool, but will quickly be ruined if anyone cooks and splashes anything on it.  I bet they win.  Oh, my gosh!  No way!  I was right!

Stanley & Hilari have the L shaped kitchen with the apron-front sink.  I didn't know if I would like it, but the sink is luxe black and glossy, so it's right up my alley!  Oh, no.  Hilari is going to spell "soup" and Stanley is buying hand pulls.  Hmm... Not sure how this is going to turn out!  I kind of like the blue walls and red counters... Interesting.  Or, maybe not.  I can't tell.  Not digging the cabinet color, though.  OKAY, those hands are stupid.  And not in a good way.  HATE.  But, I love their pendant lights!  I like some of the funky elements {turtle shells, i.e.}, but still not digging the hands or letters. 

Judges:  Like that it's bold, but they think it's too much.  Vern doesn't love the sink w/the counter top.  They don't love the letters, or Stanley's sculpture or hands.  Hallelujah.  I was going to have to question the judges big time if they liked those freaking hands. 

Mikel & Rachel will have the U-shaped country sink kitchen.  Oh my gosh, their sink is hid-e-ous!  I can't believe it, but I actually like that yellow & grey wallpaper that Rachel picked.  Not usually in much agreement with her.  Now, she nixed the yellow & grey wallpaper {of course, the one thing she's picked that I like}.  Their kitchen is just blah.  I hope they find some great wallpaper.  Okay, they found a boring red toile.  I was hoping for something with a little more pizazz!  I also wish they only put wallpaper on the one wall, because the whole room is engulfed in pattern.  It's too much!  I like that their chandi is crystal and fancy but has a rope cord.  As usual, I dig the irony.  Gosh, Rachel's camera challenge was so bad.  This has to be her last week.  I think their kitchen is pretty enough, but boring.  I guess it's because it's "country."  But, also, they really crammed too much furniture in.
Judges: Don't like the busy wallpaper, and especially that it's the whole wall & behind the stove.  Vern like the light fixture!  I agree with Cute Cousin #1 that the wallpaper voids out the chandi.  They think the designers took the "country" thing too literally, as do I.  They don't like how little room is between the island and the sink. 

Winner(s): Danielle & Britney, and Cute Cousin #1 said "lots of love, ladies."  Lucky!

I'm guessing Rachel & Stanley are out, not sure if they will divide the rooms up like that, though.  Drum roll {or weird, rhythmic music, rather}...

See ya:  Stanley & Rachel.  I was right!  And that was totally the right call by the judges.

Final four!  Mikel, Britney, Hilari & Danielle.

Who do you think will win?

{All pics via HGTV}


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