Design Star Episode 7

I'm sorry.  I will just tell you now that I am ex-hau-sted, so this post might not be all that.  :( 

Condo challenge + color assignment! 

Mikel {green}:  Not sure the green walls were a good choice.  His sofas are gorgeous.  Also, love the arc lamp! 
I think they room is only okay.  Just a little blah.  {Ooh, sweet mid-century dining chairs, though!}
Judges:  Vern loves the buffet area {it is nice}.  They don't like the shade of green {me neither, it looks like one of those nasty fruit-flavored tums}.  Vern doesn't like the furniture arrangement for watching tv.  True that. 
Brittney {yellow}:  I, of course, like the wall graphic idea.  Super glad she is doing aqua walls with the yellow pop.  I would have done something like that. 
I love the way it turned out!  Bet she wins!

Judges:  They think it's beautiful.  Vern loves the brass elements {me too}!  Genevieve is a little bored with the graphic wall, and I understand why, but I think the overall room is great.
Danielle {blue}:  I really can't believe what a fit she threw over the glass table that Hilari got.  But, choosing the dark wood table seems like a huge mistake.  She is acting so whiny.  Oh, my gosh.  If my job was to go shopping and make a beautiful room every day, I would be thanking my lucky stars!  She paints her mats for her picture frames blue {good} and then starts taking pics of plants {okay}, but it seems to me like she totally skipped taking pics of the beautiful, vibrant orange plants, which would have been much more interesting and beautiful with the blue than just green foliage.   
Overall, I don't think you would even know the condo was focused on blue, or any color.  I do love the sofa, pillows, and throw, though.  I wish she put a bright, pretty rug in the dining room.  Seems so empty.
Judges:  They love the color of blue she chose {ditto}, but they are unimpressed with the lack of color throughout.  Aside from the little blue nook.
Hilari {red}:  I think she has the best personality to be a tv host.  I would like to watch her show.  Now, let's just see what her room turns out to be...  It's pretty, but all the wood seems to be in that one corner.  Plus, there is a lot of empty {wasted space}.

Judges:  They liked the juncture between the two rooms {which I thought was too sparse}.  They also liked the incorporation of red, which I agree with.  It's not too in-your-face. 
Just quickly, I think Hilari & Mikel did the best on their camera challenges.  Love that Hilari has her own theme music in her head.  She reminds me of me. ;)

Winner: Brittney, yay!  Called it! ;)

Outty: Mikel.  Yeah, I guess, based on his room, that was predictable.

Can't wait for next week!

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