Design Star Episode 8

Great.  They are designing these hideous yurts.  Should be interesting...  Okay, the inside is kind of cool.  Not loving the lattice walls, though.  I just wish they weren't called "yurts."  Sounds gross.  And made up.  But, I guess they've been around for-ev-er.

Britany {Beach bungalow inspired Yurt}  I like the turquoise fabric she found for the ceiling.  Bad idea to put the white behind the trellis.  Looks super-messy to me.  The head-board looks so huge.  But, could work out, especially since it offers storage. 
When it's all put together:  I actually really like the way the room turned out!  Still hating the white vinyl, but the colors/bed/headboard/pendant are cool.  The storage idea is great.  And I like the industrial touches.  This is my fave yurt re-do.

Judges:   They like the storage, pendant, and are so/so on the photos {guest judge loved, Vern thought they left something to be desired.  Go, Vern!}  They were glad to see her do something besides Hollywood Regency, and I agree she did it pretty well!   

Danielle {World-travel inspired Yurt}.  Not in love with the reclaimed wood she found for the headboard, I think the color is too close to the color of the wood in the yurt.  Nice that she totally copied Britany on the fabric behind the trellis, not.  Glad it looks so bad, but I could have told her it would!
When it's all put together: I don't know, I think this is my least favorite, probably because there's not much color and I'm a girl who loves color.  There's too much ugly light brown wood.  I wish the floor were darker, or something, to break it up.  Or, she could have painted the hideous lattice.  I do like the plants, rugs, chairs, and red door {by Estee Lauder}.  The black curtains are kind of pitiful.  But, I dig the bamboo shades.

Judges:  They like the plants and use of texture.  Disappointed in the bed, because there's no texture or color in the bed.  Ditto.  They love the earthy tones and textures.

Hilari  Bali-inspired Yurt.  I like the gold-leaf bookcase and slipper chairs she finds, but that bed might be a mistake... I think with the ceiling in the yurt, the bed doesn't need a ceiling...  I like her hot-pink silk.  I'm glad she's covering the lattices with it.
When it's all put together:  I like the colors, and the pieces {still not sure about that bed}... It feels like there's just a ton of wasted space.  Like everything is stuck in the back half of the space.  But, I love the pendant.  And door with the longevity symbol.  I also have to give her credit for covering up the lattice.  I just don't like it.

Judges:  Genevieve-Too-Tight-Yellow-Pants {that's her native American name} loves the longevity symbol on the door.  Vern says the room transports you immediately.  Totally agree.  It's very lush.   I do agree with G-T-T-Y-P that the sides of the bed cut off the rest of the room and created wasted space.  {I think she should have put some big plants back in those corners, or something.}

Judgement day:  

Peace out: Hilari {I must admit, I'm surprised Danielle beat Hilari.  I just think Hilari's taste is better, plus she's better in her camera challenges.}  She has such a great attitude, telling the girls to rock it.

Who do you think is going to be the next Design Star?  I think it's got to be Britany...

All pics via HGTV


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