Design Star Finale!

Phew!  It's over!  I'm ready! :)
Danielle “Shop This Room” show idea.
Her clients like mid-century modern  & natural influences.   They are artists, too.  And they look like fun, kooky cartoon characters.
She did pretty well on her pilot {it was a huge improvement}.  Seeing Hilari on camera reminded me how much I wish she made it to the top two! 

Her room: Holy crap, is that the ugliest room ever?!  {You don't have to answer, it was a rhetorical question.  Plus, your gaping jaw says it all...} 

The sofa is nice, but that fireplace!  Ick!  And not digging all the music notes and crap on the walls.  I hate when a room goes themey and literal.  The only things  I like in the living room are  the mid-century patterned chair {kind of like, but maybe just relative to the room}, arc lamp and credenza.  I hate the wall color.  I know why she used the couple’s art, but it is so ugly!!!  It’s just not my thing, man.  Oh, my gosh, and what is with that grey mantle & beams??  Just.  What.   
The dining room was better, aside from the fact that it has a view to the living room that design forgot.  The grey walls are great, and I like the aqua chairs and bamboo shades.  Also, the chandelier is pretty good.  The color palate is much better, the yellow accents look cool with the grey and aqua.

Judges: Vern likes that she designed the room that her clients wanted.  Also, they liked that she was so personable on film.  They also liked that she brought in the clients’ artwork.
Britany “Picture Perfect Spaces” show idea.
Her clients want a modern, comfortable, grown-up space.
I think she seemed pretty natural on camera.  Her eye makeup was totally distracting, though.  It looked like she had two black eyes.  She really doesn’t need all that grey shadow, she’s a pretty girl.  She might need a make-under, like Emily.  The Bachelorette.  What?  You didn’t know who I meant? ;)
I like that she took some family photos.
Her room:  I like the living room.  Not my fave room ever, but still pretty and cohesive {unlike Danielle's}.  The colors are great, and I enjoy the large art prints.  They are bold without being overpowering.  The shoe storage contraption was pretty cool {the clients really wanted a place near the door for their shoes.  I don't know why people can't put their shoes in a closet, but if you must leave them there, this is an okay way to do it}.  I like the upholstered chair and accessories, too.
The dining room:  I love the colors she used again, and the glass table was a smart choice for such a small space, since it has no visual weight.  The wallpaper, though.  I LOVE wallpaper, but I think the print and scale of it are a little too 80s. 
You have to be really careful with wallpaper now, because if you are off by even a hair, it won’t look updated, but will remind people of their aunt Shirley’s parlor.
Judges:  Glad to see her have confidence throughout the pilot.  Vern liked the rooms.  And I like Vern.  He knows.
I think Britany is the clear winner.  We shall see…
Drumroll… the winner is: Danielle.  Wha?!...  Okay. 



HGTV, you deserve what you get.  Peace.
All Pics via HGTV.


McKae @ Kaes Corner Design at: July 25, 2012 at 9:33 PM said...

Haha this is hilarious, you said exactly what I was thinking. In my mind there was no question about who the winner was. I might have actually screamed at the tv when they called Danielle's name. I can pretty much guarantee that I will not be watching her show. This definitely was not Design Stars finest moment.

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