Dorm Series: Dorm Room Redeux

Iz had a great idea for us to do a series on dorm rooms and I am super excited about it!  This is almost identical to the room I had {except our whole wall was pretty much a bulletin board}:
At the time, I was a super-prep.  And not in a good way.  My comforter was forest green, navy, and burgundy plaid.  I had a tapestry pillow of a golf scene {I was a big golfer in HS}.  That's about all I remember, to be honest.  The next year, I had Laura Ashley "Bramble Berry" {now you can figure out how old I am} and a blue gingham duvet. 

Remember this??

My first dorm room post will be about how I would style my dorm room now, if I had to do it over again.

I tried to give myself a budget of $400, but unfortunately, that didn't really work out.  I came in closer to $600.  Guess my taste has transformed...

I think I will probably end up going a little preppy again, since that's still a part of who I am!  I tried to keep the main items fairly neutral, while adding color in the accessories.  That way, when the fictional young me gets sick of things after a couple of years, it won't be too big a deal to change to pops of peacock blue or purple or something!

West Elm Striped Edge bedding {which I love!} is my first stop.  They have the standard sham on sale for $14.99 {+$7 for the monogram- I would go for the chartreuse monogram, as pictured} and with the twin bed, I only need 1 for the bed, and 1 to change it out with during laundry.  I like the chartreuse with the grey pinstriped edges of the bedding), and the duvet is sold out, but another color is $79 {+$7 for the monogram}, so I will use that as a guide.

I also like WE's Hand Blocked Euro Sham.  It is not longer available, but based on other similar items, I would say it's about $25.  Since I have a twin bed {ick!}, I only need one.  Since I went to school in Utah, I really needed a quilt to help make it through the winter nights.  I like the Hand-blocked Nile quilt {no longer available}.  Let's say it runs about $79.   I would grab a "favorite throw" for only $19.99 on sale, too. 

I also would throw one accent pillow on, and I know just the one!  In "House Beautiful" in June, I saw the Longhorn Beetle Hook Pillow {$55} and fell in love!  I would splurge a little on this item!

I would pick up a 325 TC diamond-print sheet set at Target for only $27.99.

With such limited shelf space, I would need to limit my accessories.  I would buy one small and one large papier mache bird from WE {$5.99 & $12.99, respectively}.  I would add a woven vase {on clearance for $6.98} to the bird arrangement and call it good.

I would definitely get some cool bookends, since the shelves would mostly be for storage.  I'm a fan of these Leaning Men Book Ends, for $39.95.    I would also put a couple of decorative bins {$6.99} up there for some extra, much needed, storage.  A framed pic would be the last touch {$9.99}.

I would put a cute clock {about $10} on the shared nightstand.  My lamp {$26.39} would have to be kind of funky, too {and hopefully my roomie would be okay with having only one lamp, since it's a little bigger than the ones in the photo above}.  The last thing I would would be a framed picture of my family {green & white frame $8.99}.

The desk needs to remain relatively bare, so I would stay minimal.  I would get a paper storage contraption or two {magazine butler $22; square metallic tray, $24}, paper weight {yes, I am copying my own post, but I love these alphabet paperweights!}, and pencil holder {$8}.  I would also add a small lamp, perhaps this clear acrylic one for only $16.99.  A little "red dot" trashcan should do it for $39.
The shelves above my desk will be almost exclusively for books and notebooks, but if there's room, I would add a few framed photos {organic weaved frame $7.99; Megan matted metallic frame $13.59; black perforated frame $5.99; black patterned frame $5.99} and probably a decorative bin {$9.99} or two. 
A tip about frames {and accessories in general}: group things either by them self or in threes.  In this case, I would put 3 frames together on one shelf, and one frame on another shelf.

The last things I would get are strictly for storage.  A 24-slot over-door shoe rack {$24.99} for my closet, and over door hooks {$24.99} for the dorm room door, and something for storage under the bed. 
That's it.  My expensive dorm-room re-do!  Haha!  I tried, I just don't have it in me to budget like that ;)

{After seeing Kerry's fabulous dorm post, I thought I might want to clarify that in my dorm, we had to go down the hall to a terrible community bathroom.  So, that 'splains the missing cute bath accessories!  Haha!}

What would you do, if you have your dorm room to do over again?


Kerry at: July 21, 2012 at 7:21 AM said...

Fun monogramed bedding, and I LOVE that beetle pillow!

Aldis Green at: August 13, 2012 at 7:00 AM said...

WOW - I'm so impressed by that room - it totally doesn't even look like a dorm room!

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Leather Armchair at: September 7, 2012 at 2:39 AM said...

what a adorable bedding..! i love these over bed shelves..

Chesterfield suite

Leather Armchair at: December 5, 2012 at 11:24 PM said...

well..i really like the concept of side bed table. we can make a great use of it to prevent to thrive mess all over in the bedroom.


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