FINE LEATHER GOODS: Treat Yo' Self {OR} Smokin' a Doobie

You may recall my love of the Parks & Rec "Treat Yo' Self" episode, in particular Donna's hilarious "fine leather goods."
Yes, that's the moment.  Right there.  {Pic from}  "The best day of the year!"

It is actually a total coincidence that my new bags look pretty similar to Donna & Tom in the photo.  AND, I took the pic of the bags before looking the scene up, so that's even weirder.  Just the placement, you know?

Okay, so there's a back story to this... It wasn't just an extra-greedy Friday.  

Not very long ago,  I had what can easily compete for the title of "worst day of my life."  Literally.  Something happened to me that is widely considered to be one of the most traumatic life experiences someone can go through.  I don't want to go into details, but I was driving home and crying, crying, crying.  It was perhaps a little insane, or desperate, when I saw a Marshalls and just pulled my car into the parking lot, thinking, "I need some retail therapy."

As I wandered the store, hopeless and wearing my hugest sunglasses, so as to hide my ultra-puffy face, the light shone down from heaven suddenly and angels sang as I beheld a perfect, beautiful Kate Spade bag!  "No way!" I grabbed it, and as well as I could see with my puffy eyes & sunnies, searched for the defect.  It certainly had to have one!  But, no, it was absolutely gorgeous.  Then what to my wandering eye should appear but a perfect orange bag.  Dang it!  I couldn't choose!  So, I decided not to. 

I texted my sister, Georgia {who is as into "Sex and the City" as I am}...

M: Today is no longer going to be know as the day {...}
It will now be known as the day I found a Kate Spade bag at Marshalls for less than half price!

G: Did you also get busted for smokin' a doobie?

So, without further ado {okay, with a little further ado}, one of my fave SATC scenes, ever...
A}  Warning!  This scene contains some pretty major swearing, recreational drug use, and a really poor outfit choice on Samantha.  Really poor.
B}  I love when Carrie says "Men are bulls***." Haha!  Classic.
C}  The cop is my absolute FAVE!! "I'm sorry.  I can't.  Don't hate me."
D} Carrie's face when she turns to the cop car with the joint in her mouth is hysterical!

Hope you liked it!  I think it is really so funny. 

{Kids, if you're reading this: don't do drugs.  And definitely DON'T wear low-rise pants with a stringy thong/shirt contraption pulled all the way up and out.  No one wants to see that.  Ever.}


Isabel at: July 24, 2012 at 9:20 PM said...

Finally get to see your purchase! I'm so glad you got both and how hilarious is your comment about the purse and Tom/Donna placement. HAHA you make me laugh, xoxo!

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