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Maigen and Kerry were sweet enough to come over this week to help me update my wardrobe!  You've seen how amazing they are with putting together outfits from all our style that item series, and Kerry wowed us with her Stiles Session with Savannah!  They put together some fun outfits I'll be sure to wear this year!  Please excuse the crappy outfit titles and awkward camera poses!

Outfit 1 // Tribal Happy
vest and flats: Target   |   dress: Ross/TJMaxx/Forever21?   |   wedges: Steve Madden

- I never thought about pairing my vest with this fun dress!  I used to only wear the vest zipped up with skinny jeans or leggings and the dress I would always wear with a cardigan or alone.  I like this look!  I feel like the vest needs to fit a bit better to help give me some shape - what do you think?  They did pink flats and brown wedges for two different shoe options.

Outfit 2 // Boho
turban scarf:  Macy's   |   vest: Ross/TJMaxx/Marshalls?   |   wedges: Steve Madden  |  pants: Fossil  

- Another pairing I have never tried!  That green striped button up vest hides away in my closet because I could never figure out how to wear it!  I love it belted with my flowy shirt!  The bright yellow pants and patterned turban add lots of fun!  Maigen rocks at tying up a secure turban!!!  We all agreed that this outfit would work better with colored skinny jeans; need to get me some of those!

 Outfit 3 // Business Time
blazer: Express  |  dress: Uber Thrift  |  heels: Firefly Boutique

- Last time we met up, I scored this uber cute dress and finally get to show it off on the blog!  M+K paired it with my Express blazer, heels and a feathered bracelet.  Looks fabulous don't you think?  And Kerry got some awesome shots from behind the camera!  I like this look a ton!

Outfit 4 // MY FAVORITE
shirt: Nordstroms  |  jeans: Express

- Okay, this is my favorite because it has neutral stripes paired with strong solids like the jacket.  This is a typical me outfit and I love it! :D

Outfit 5 // Sweet
dress: Forever21  |  shirt: J.Crew  |  flats: Macy's

- So my new obsession has been my Jcrew Chambray shirt.  I wear it all the time, but silly me never thought about tying it up all cute and sweet like so!  This is a terrific work outfit!  The girls pulled out this dress with the tags still on it and asked why I never wore the sweet ruffly thing.  "It has bows on it".  "You say that like you didn't know that when you bought it!" giggled Kerry.  Too funny!  Some more fabulous detail shots by her too!

Outfit 6 // Casual
shirt: American Eagle?  |  jeans:  Delia's  |  sandals: Ralph Lauren @ Macy's

- My brother gave me this striped pink shirt after a terrible decision to purchase it for himself.  (a girl was pressuring him :D)  It was too small for him so I got it instead!  It's a little boxy around the shoulders, but still works, especially when Maigen ties a most excellent knot on the side.  That girl can style like none other!

Outfit 7 // Dancer
tank: Express  |  shirt:  Ross/TJMaxx/Marshalls?  | skirt:  Anthropologie  |  sandals: Macy's

- I felt like a dancer in this outfit with the flowy chiffon and drapey shirt.  We tucked in my striped shirt because of its banded waist and added pink accents with the necklace and sandals.  

Outfit 8 // Date night
tank: Express |  skirt: Anthropologie  |  shoes: Steve Madden

- Another favorite!!  I think proportionally, this fits me the best, but I could be wrong.  My pretty shoes make an appearance too so I'm happy!  We paired a simple draped racerback tank with skinny straps with my Anthropologie skirt and my handmade pearl and ribboned necklace.  Pretty!

Outfit 9 // Peacock
dress:  Forever21 

- I loved this dress when I saw it on the rack, liked it less when I tried it on, bought it anyways, and it sat in my closet untouched until I gave it a second chance in March during a photo job.  I paired it with cropped leggings and red flats that time and remember seeing a photo of me in it and thought, "Wow, not so bad!".  The colors are what drew me to it - they're kind of exquisite and "fancy-ish" and I liked the pops of peacock throughout.  It's a Forever21 dress :D

 Did you see anything you liked?  Which were your favorites?  And to prove we don't take ourselves too seriously and just like to have fun, here are some outtakes!

 - Kerry likes booty shots!

- I'm camera shy

- Put away the Italian Grandma, Isabel!

Much thanks to Miss Kerry for snapping all the photos!  I really like this one of me and am only including it because I know how proud K was when she took it!  Even more thanks to Maigen for being my stylist and for easing my shyness by providing a pretty face to stare at.  She has the most GORGEOUS aqua eyes and a stunning personality to match!  Sexy lady!

photos by Kerry | | pretty face to look at by Maigen | | post designed by Isabel 

K+M, feel free to edit this post to add your own style comments!


Kerry at: July 14, 2012 at 7:16 AM said...


Thanks for the photo props; it's easy to take good photos with an awesome lens and the perfect subject. And how do I not take a booty photo with a hiney as cute as yours?! : )

It was fun reliving our Fresh Takes session with you! Great post!

Maigen at: July 14, 2012 at 9:54 AM said...

Okay, so you ROCKED all those looks! My fave, I think, is the same as yours! The stripes and jacket!

All of them are fabulous on you, of course! Can't go wrong when the model is gorgeous!

(PS: that "camera-shy" pic is so awesome! I think it's frame-worthy adorable!)

KLee at: July 17, 2012 at 9:25 AM said...

You are too cute! You have super fun dresses too. I like your bow dress and peacock dress, and your fun dancer skirt :) The outtakes made me giggle!

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