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A few months ago, I bought a Blurb deal on Gilt.  $20 for $40 worth of product.  Blurb is a bookmaking website where anybody can make, publish, and sell books.  I bought two deals because I wanted to make a wedding book for my cousin and use the other one for something else.  Well, the deal ended Monday and I had been frantically working on getting it done and I AM PICKY.  I didn't want these books to look like typical photo books, or scrapbook type photobooks.  I wanted it to be more like a coffee table accessory and to treat the reader to a visually stimulating experience when flipping through.  

I had to just say "It's good enough" with the impending deadline and accept the fact that I don't have all the skills to design the layouts that I want.  But it's still fun to try!  (although, I did have a nightmare about making photo books last night.)

The first one I made was about the days leading up to and culminating with my big cousin's wedding. I wanted to share it from the family standpoint and give them pictures of the things we did while they were juggling guests, work, and pre-wedding things.  
It's a hardcover dust jacket book with a steamlined cover.  Simply a light grey dust jacket with white text and a charcoal grey linen hardcover.  The only thing I wish Blurb would offer is to print text directly on the linen cover.  

the 29th | Make Your Own Book
100 pages, Standard Landscape, Hardcover Dust Jacket, Premium Paper Matte finish, Standard Mid-Grey End sheets, ProLine Charcoal Linen.  After the coupon, shipping, taxes, it cost me $25.68.  Changing the paper, end sheets, and adding a linen cover will charge you, just fyi.

The second book I decided to use to document the trips we took last year.  Another streamlined cover with no images and just text.  I ended up not saving much money with this deal because I used so many pages, but it's ok - they're special enough to justify :)
166 pages, Standard Portrait, Hardcover Dust Jacket, Premium Paper Matte finish, Standard Mid-Grey End sheets, Standard black Linen. After the coupon, shipping, taxes, this one cost me $35.78.

When I get this one in the mail, I want to add washi tape to some images so that it would feel more like the one I pinned below.  Can't wait to see how they turn out!  I'm sure I'll learn a few things about margins, bleed margins, and what I like when I see them in person.
mixture of magazine cutouts, tape, travel memorabilia

I have a mad design crush on this girl!

The designs that I've been drawn to lately definitely influenced the making of my books.  I like my books to take on a minimalist "fashion", "catalog", or "sketchbook" feel to them since I always pore over and dissect every layout of Anthropologie's catalogs.  I used to think I wanted to scrapbook back in college, and it just completely stresses me out.  I have mad respect for those artistic eyes that can layer like crazy; it just doesn't fit into my lifestyle.  My style has changed too; moving from all that frilly sticker explosion and into a real subtle, graphically minimalist style.

I like the pairing of a text page with a photo page.  And of course, I like my typography!

I liked the b/w theme in this book. It really unified the entire book.  The second thing I loved was the text.  I like the format of a large label,  a line, and a description underneath.  I think this was from a RueLaLa boutique.

scrapbook style but no frilly stickers.  Lots of layers and texture in a very neutral color theme! And handmade!

How unserious and fun to take wedding party photos this way!  Plus, love the design of course!

Hanna Mac
She offers templates and photoshop actions on her website. I like her "Milky", "Ice Cream Shake", "Bluebonnet",  and Pastel" actions.
Some inspiration from the Blurb book ideas page

If the 30/31 are page numbers, I like!  A fresh portfolio take on photo captions, too.

This layout reminds me of a magazine page or an article.  Who doesn't want to be featured in print?!

I want to know how they do that to the title!

What are your clever ways for getting photos and memories out and displayed?  I feel like I waste and bury so many precious moments, and they're SO disorganized, so I always want to hear and see ideas!!  Please share!


Kerry at: July 28, 2012 at 9:38 AM said...

I love your memory books!! I agree that I'm not a scrapbooking fan. I've always used iPhoto to make my books, but your books are way cooler than anything I can do with that program, so it looks like I'll be making a switch. Gorgeous photographs, as always!

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