My little sis has a mini-me!

Announcing the birth of my little sister's bebe, Lily {the one with the cute baby bedding}!
Tell me she doesn't look EXACTLY like Mere {and that expression is totally a Meredith face, btw}:
Meredith & Jared {celebrity name: Jaredith}, the proud parents
We are all sooo excited!!  She is the first baby of us three sisters!   

I told Mere that people always say "oh, that baby looks just like her dad/grandmom/sister/etc" and I'm always like, "whatever, that baby looks exactly like an alien."  I never can see a resemblance to anyone until the baby is much older {ie NOT an infant}.  Later that day, Georgia called me and told me the same thing, just about word for word!  {My sisters and I are the same person, for future reference.}    

Meredith, Mom, Georgia & me at G's wedding reception {obviously}, a few years ago {so that's what's going on with my hair...}

Another baby pic {yes, Meredith appears to be on the phone}:
So, her name is Lily... They are still debating a middle name.  I think they are deciding between Lily Madeleine & Lily Drew.

My faves from the original long list: Lily Drew, Lily Chanel {Jared doesn't like this one because we girls grew up with a dog named "Coco Chanel," but that's not going to stop me from naming my daughter Coco someday}, Lily Jacqueline, and Lily Ty.  They just added Madeleine and I think it's pretty charming!

Mere had a difficult pregnancy, but at least half of it she got to spend in situations like this:

Yeah.  In Hawaii.  {And I will be there in January!}


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