J Crew, I love you!

Miss K is such a good friend!  She alerted me to a J Crew 30% off sale event yesterday.  Which was really good, and also reeeaaallly bad! 

I had been wanting the kimono-sleeve maxi, below {#1}, and it was on sale, so I was able to get it for a steal!  Kerry had already ordered it, too!  She has such great taste ;)  Here are my amazing finds {for even more a-maz-ing prices}:
{I had tried to buy #3 a month ago, and it had sold out!  They must have had a return, or found a few extras... Either way, score!}
1/2/3 {sold out similar}
1.  The stylish Kerry also has this cardi.  It has been in my "cart" forever, in both this color combo and in the navy/pink {which I have used in posts a couple times!}.  The navy/pink sadly had sold out!  I wish I could have gotten both!  2.  It's so hard to see, but I love this necklace because of the cute yellow enamel!   
While I was checking out the J Crew factory clearance, I saw this shirt, which I didn't scoop up.  Later, after thinking about it all day, I went back to grab it, and they were sold out!  Boo! 
Factory Plaid Popover
This shirt is so fun!  It has been years since I wore plaid, or a button-up shirt, for that matter, but I can't help but wish I got it!  The colors are awesome, and I love that it buttons down only half-way.  It makes me want to go back to my preppy roots!

With the "plaid pop-over" in mind, I came up with a few fictional ensembles... Daydreaming of fabulous plaid shirts, now!  Haha!

Many of the pieces below are on J Crew sale, which means an extra 30% off!  :)
I think the popover would be so cute with some shorts {I couldn't choose a fave!} and dressed-up accessories.  I am dying over this Kate Spade bag!  It is the next thing I will acquire.  Fo sho.
1 {I love seersucker!}/2/3/4/5 similar/6/7/8 {J'adore!}
I thought the plaid might also be cute with something unexpected, namely, mint!
1/2/3 {no longer available, which makes me want to cry, it's another one I went back for}/4/5
The last look I was thinking of was a dressed-up pencil skirt {loved all three below, couldn't choose!) and some funky accessories.  I would definitely belt the top with this type look!
1 {how gorgeous is this?}/2/3/4 {amazing!}/5 I originally spotted these awesome Tory Burch T-Straps on pinterest! /6/7/8
Anyway, hoorah for plaid!  If you see something like this about town, let me know! 

What blast from your style past has come back lately in a new configuration that you find yourself really liking {and surprised to be really liking}?


Kerry at: July 8, 2012 at 7:45 PM said...

YAY kimono-sleeved maxi and color-blocked cardigan! Closet twins!

I love all of your plaid shirt outfit ideas! I bought one from JCrew last winter and will definitely be drawing inspiration from your ideas for future outfits.

That Kate Spade purse is perfect!

PS: I'm tempted to order more from J.Crew again. I'm awful.

Isabel at: July 9, 2012 at 10:43 AM said...

You are so good at unexpected combinations! Love it! Can't wait to try some of your ideas out - like the pencil skirt combo - and to see you in them!

Jessica Cai at: July 9, 2012 at 4:55 PM said...

incredible post! i love the visuals you put together...and jcrew is definitely awesome :) if you like my blog too, do you want to follow each other? xoxo jess

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