Style that item: Iz's DVF Comforter


Here is Isabel's fabulous DVF duvet:

And here is Isabel's amazing DIYed headboard:

photo by Isabel Leu
So, two elements in the room are covered!  Here's what I would do to "make a happy, restful, whimsical, and stylish bedroom with this print," as Iz requested! 

{As usual, I went overboard!  She only asked for bedding, but I couldn't resist the rug, pendants & curtains! I also think it would be just lovely to paint the ceiling with a pretty pumpkin color!}

Here is the bed, up close & personal:

I went a little crazy with color, so R might not love my ideas!  :/  I did try to keep a lot of white/off-white, with fun colors & prints interspursed! 

I love pillows, too, Kerry!  Didn't you just ADORE K's post?  I especially loved the bird & zebra pillows, they were absolutely gorgeous with the bedding! Also, I loved the easy, breezy organization in K's post of her pillows, so I decided to break mine down in a hopefully clear way, too!

1. 22" Geo Pillow- Sunset Yay, orange! Yay, geometric print!
2. West Elm Bijoux Dots Pillow Ooh, la, la!  I have had my eye on this pillow for a while!
3. 22" Moroccan Pillow Orange/Citrus  Ditto comment on #1!
4. Ruffled Circles Euro Pillow in white {also available in midnight blue, but I thought that might blend in too much with her headboard}, she can also add a matching quilt {#7}for under the duvet during the winter!  Fold down the duvet for a cute quilt surprise!
5. Potter's Workshop Embroidered Stripe Pillow {Yep, K had this one, too!  Great minds think alike ;) }
6. Chunky Tassel Throw  I have to have at least one cozy throw to curl up in!
7. Ruffled Circles Quilt

I thought it would be fun for Iz to mix and match these two sheet sets:

Sombrero Sheet Set / Nosegay Sheet Set (floral)

And, the things I saw that Iz definitely doesn't need, but that I just thought were pretty!

From ceiling to floor:
Benjamin Moore Natura Paint in Pumpkin Cream for the ceiling.
Quarter Color Curtain in coral {or dark blue, if coral is too much}.  Isabel could easily DIY some curtains like this out of some inexpensive muslin.
Two Glo Chandeliers would be cool hanging bed-side lights.
The Shanti Paisley Rug is so charming!

I can't wait to see Isabel's ideas and especially what she actually puts together! 

What color combo is your bedroom decor?


Kerry at: July 4, 2012 at 8:29 AM said...

Oh! I've had my eye on that WE Bijoux Dots pillow, too!

The sombrero/nosegay sheets combination makes me want to do a little dance! So fun!

Isabel at: July 9, 2012 at 2:02 PM said...

So much color how could you not step into this room as happy as can be?! Love that you added oranges and pinks - I would've never thought that would go together with my duvet!

And those sombrero sheets? HOW FUN! I'm digging the Nosegay too!

Great job!

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