Style That Item: K's Head Wrap

I try SO hard not to peek at Maigen's and Kerry's style posts, but sometimes it's good that I did! I also had the white tee and jeans look so I needed to scrap and try to think fresh.  It turned out pretty well and while I did stick with that classic tee/jeans combo, I think I found a fun and slightly different alternative!  Without further ado, here's K's fun wrap (and don't you LOVE how she wore it?!  She owned that boho look!)
Cara Accessories Head Wrap {no longer available; alternative options}

First up, is a play on pops of color taken from the head wrap itself and the addition of texture through the polka dots, necklace, and woven belt.  K lives in her bee earrings and horseshoe necklace so almost all of the outfits will feature them :D  She's got two options for the bottoms: a pop of bright yellow, or a more subtle pale denim skirt.  Either way, she'll get lots of pop from the green in her shoes.

J.Crew polka dot top / J.Crew knee length denim skirt / Flying Monkey denim skinny jeans / Sperry Top-Sider leather flat shoes / J.Crew patent leather sandals / J.Crew bubble necklace / Anthropologie Honeyed Hive Posts / Gap Striped woven nylon belt

Here's the classic tee/jeans look, but the white top got paired instead with some colored bottoms.  Although comfy, the basic tee gave way to some fun details like lace or graphics. I know Kerry likes fun backs on her shirts and I think this lace sleeved top would fit the bill! In cooler temps (because I'm dying in this Texas heat and want crispness to come!) she can top it all off with this herringbone jacket.  It's a bit colorific, but if anybody can pull it off, it's Miss K!

the white "tee"

Madewell lace sleeved tshirt / J.Crew herringbone jacket / GAP Perfect khaki pants / J.Crew anchor necklace / Anthropologie Honeyed Hive Posts / J.Crew horseshoe charm necklace / Madewell Wishing Well Scalloped Tee / Madewell Linen Bicycle Tee 

:: Lace Top Alternative :: 

Speaking of cooler temps, here's something that can do double duty for both summer and fall.  The printed boyshirt is light enough for the heat and would look great paired with her crystal rays necklace and her boyfriend jeans.  In the winter, she can layer any of the other items over the print so that some of that fun graphic still peeps out.  I'd wear white jeans for the cool look to add some contrast.

double duty

Madewell Gar-De cropped zigzag sweater / Madewell Windy Way Sweatercoat / Target 3/4 Peasant Tunic / GAP Boyfriend jeans / Wallis winter white pants / Madewell Printed Boyshirt / JCrew Crystal Rays Necklace

Here's where a bunch of my links disappeared and I couldn't find the source for my green and yellow top - bummer! But, I'm fairly certain they're all from Target.  Since these tops all feature colors from her wrap, any of these tops and bottoms could work well together!  Therefore, I created a mock spinner for her to mix-and-match - so fun!  I particularly like the yellow with the jeans, but she could wear yellow with either skirt!  Or whatever the day calls for!


Green top (unfindable) / Target raceback tank / Yellow top (unfindable) / GAP Boyfriend jeans / Target maxi skirt / Target Skirt / Anthropologie Honeyed Hives Posts / J.Crew horseshoe charm necklace

Last up, we gotta have a maxi option because sadly, it's still mid summer in Texas and when it's hot, we just want to be comfortable and COOOL!  This beautiful jewel toned purple would pull out some of the purple from her wrap but would mostly look stunning against her gorgeous deep brown hair.  I'm pulling a trick that the girls did for me and think she should wrap and tie an ultra-lightweight denim shirt right where the elastic is so that she won't need a belt.  She can accessorize with either of these necklaces she owns and then have some colorful shoes peeking out from under.  (K also loves wedges)

wrap it up

Target Knit dress / Aqua Cork Wedge heels / Anthropologie Honeyed Hive Posts / J.Crew Selvedge chambray utility shirt / J.Crew Crystal Rays Necklace / Kohl's Dana Buchman Necklace

If any of the links are broken or wrong, please let me know!  Not sure what happened, but some of them got all messed up!

I love your head wrap, Kerry and it looks GREAT on you!  Please wear it more often!


Maigen at: July 20, 2012 at 9:47 PM said...

Awesome looks! I always love to see your fun, spunky outfits! :)

The Madewell printed boyshirt & orange GAP pants are going on my wishlist! Sooooo awesome! And those green J crew flat sandals are already on it ;)

Great finds, Iz! All of these looks will be so cute on K!

Kerry at: July 21, 2012 at 7:18 AM said...

Cute looks as always, Iz!

That JCrew dotted top is one that I've been obsessing over ever since it hit the New Arrivals.

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