Style That Item: My DVF Duvet


I scored this baby the first time DVF came to RueLaLa and got it for $99/queen!  That's a little more than I would normally pay since most duvet sets come with a duvet + two pillowcases for about $70-$80, and this one came solo.  I was kind of itching to see what designer textiles are all about (I am sooo cheap) so...she got me; that Diane!   I wasn't expecting new bedding so soon after completing my headboard,  but the timing was just right!  I debated whether there was too much navy with the headboard and the duvet, but I just went for it!  Outcome: It's silky like a scarf, pretty true to its colors, and way bigger than my duvet, but it's ok!  Check your measurements, peoples!  My two navys don't entirely match, but no biggie.

See?  needs. new. bedding.

Soooo, I know I told the girls I wanted a...what was it?  Oh yes, a "happy, restful, whimsical, and stylish bedroom".  What a mouthful.  After my picks, I decided that "restful" might not have been the best adjective  - I have way too many patterns going on for the eye to "rest".  Yooou'll seeeee

This first look was completely 100% inspired by this graphic card designed by Popper & Mimi : navy, mustard, gray, white, and turquoise!  I figured solid turquoise sheets might be a bit jarring, so I went for turquoise accents in small-scale prints through a patterned sheet and a mostly white pillow. FYI, Garnet Hill (linked below) is a new go-to for fun patterned sheets! 

Then I added big pops of turquoise through small pillows.  I found waaaay too many pillows to love so there are NO matching pairs (crazy for me!).  While I don't think I could justify paying for all these textiles, I believe acquiring one at a time over the year(s) will make it easier on my mind and money stash.  And that rug!  Is it not, PERFECT?  It might be too matchy-matchy-safe-and-boring for some of you, but I think all the crazy patterns makes it not so boring.

The key to loading the bed with pillows is lots of varying heights and shapes.  Let's break it down.
[oh btw, the pillows are NOT to scale in my creation so keep that in mind]

I think I may have just scored with this design!

Next up, I went through a few days where I thought I was going too overboard with prints, patterns, and colors so I decided to tone it down some.  Are you shocked that it includes stripes?  I wasn't either.
No.2 was inspired by this weekender bag I pinned the other day.  It's even got its own elbow pads!  Even though stripes are visually stimulating, something about the evenness and clean color combination of white, dark and leather makes me think cozy and calm den.  [random note: I'm reading The Help and the rich Mississippi socialites criticize the new term "den" over in Hollywood.  "A den they're calling it, like wild animals are living there."]  Reading in bed requires some new swingable reading sconces and I think they coordinate so well with my nailhead trim.  

I stuck to black, gray, navy, and white, then added a whimsical print in kelly green to add just a bit of personality.  This would also work well with my other duvets and blankets for any switcheroos that need to happen.

Navy+Green Pillows

My last attempt was to try to add some pink to that navy + mustard bedding, but it didn't turn out so great.  I DID run into a lot of other options though!  Here's what didn't make the cut this time. There's a possibility you'll see them soon! p.s.  I want that "Flying High" art print!

bedding round-up

Swiss Dot Sateen Bedding

For anybody that needs to visually see bedding options together before buying, the following stores have virtual bed makers!  Have fun playing around!

Interactive Bed Makers
I was especially drawn to this one.  Probably for its texture, lots of white, and a pop of color.

What do you think?  Go for my "Must-nav-veal" look (the turquoise one) or the "Tailored" look?  Also, I'd love to hear how you readers would pair my DVF duvet!

[Side note:  Though I love love love the rugs, I worry about them - I don't like the feel of rough rugs or dhurries.  I want to step onto soft plushy wool!]
[Side note 2:  I don't remember side note 2]
[Side note 3:  I just remembered!  I wish I had taken the time to pick paint colors for my walls while gathering bedding!  I loved Maigen's pumpkin ceiling.  This just means an update shall come!]


TaraMixandMatch at: July 7, 2012 at 7:13 AM said...

Love all the pattern!

Kerry at: July 7, 2012 at 7:43 AM said...

I'm in love with your "Must-nav-veal" look! Lots of pattern, but the colors of the patterns all work so well together that it's not harsh on the eye. I think it's a winner! DO IT!

Maigen at: July 7, 2012 at 9:56 AM said...

I agree with K! Although the tailored look is awesome, I love all the colors and patterns in the first look!!!

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