Treat Yo' Self and Date day!

Sorry this post is so late in the day.  R and I needed a day to just be together outside of the house and bond.  I had been so preoccupied all last week and it was SO NICE to just spend a day without things on my mind.  So, we went shopping and I knew I needed to share what caught my eye!  I scrapped my original post and delayed it to Friday just so I can share with ya'll! 

First, I scored some INCREDIBLE deals at Forever21 last week.  I don't shop there much (SOOO overwhelming), but when I need a trendy and cheap accessory, it's not too bad!  And online shopping is EVEN better!
Contrast Leopard Print Belts (no longer available) $2.50 each!!!
Elephant Charm Necklace (no longer avail) $4.80
Triangle Pattern Bangle Set (no longer avail) $5.80
Socks $0.95 each

DID YOU SEE THAT? Belts for $2.50?!  And, they actually look GREAT and not horribly cheap.  

We stopped by Old Navy (to get ShopKicks - it's a point system app, we're lame) and saw these the few minutes we were there.


The chiffon flower trend is still big - now as rings and earrings.


I thought this blouse would look great with some fun pants and it's easy to accessorize!

A neutral leopard print that has a subtle enough graphic to pair with! 
(Sheesh, I think my monthly love should be animal print or something....)

I really liked this pretty blush ivory ring, but didn't get it.

Richardson Bike Mart
Can I please have this bike?  I wonder if the LCDF girls can sit on every other seat - we'd look so cute! HAHA!

At Pier 1, looking to spend a gift card, I spotted this cute tea set.  The top is the teapot and the bottom is the mug!

Then we headed to the mall (sadly to get some more ShopKicks).  Macy's had some dresses on sale for 40% off so I tried on these two.
Not enough up top to be able to fill it out, but oh so cute!

An everyday cotton dress to wear with tanks underneath or cardigans, but thought it was too similar to a dress I already had.  Where was this dress when I was a bridesmaid last May?!  It fit perfectly!

Isn't this outfit fun?

Aldo had a handbag sale.


Unsure, what this one is, but surprise surprise, another animal print!

Another fun mannequin display.

WHOA MOMMA pants!  I will call these "Henna" leggings

Loft always has half off sale deals, but it's too hard for me to buy clothes online.  I've gotta try things on.  So into the store I went and found a TON of colored pants and hauled them to the dressing room.  While in there, I decided to start a list on my phone of what sizes I wear according to store.  It'll be my own personal sizing guide and will make it much more comfortable to shop online!!  I'm sure I'm tardy to the party on this, but thought I'd share anyways!

Should I roll them up or keep them long?  And excuse the terrible thing that's happening along the you know where.  I did not get these.

I've been looking for white pants, but didn't like the transparency of these.  They tried to layer more fabric along the pockets which just made it look patchy, so no.

Fun lime green!
I couldn't find the exact pants online and forgot to look at the tags at the store, but I know they're all the "modern" fit.

All in all, I bought two items (and that's how I treat myself!) 

Loft::Ankle Zip Pants
 I bought these - great for work, extremely comfy, perfect fit!!


Kerry at: July 26, 2012 at 3:52 PM said...

Great finds! I really like those Aldo clutched. Good idea for storing your sizing info in your phone. I just use my brain, but I'm sure someday that'll fail me. Glad you and R had a great day!

Maigen at: July 26, 2012 at 8:26 PM said...

Such cute finds!! I love those lime green pants! They are so fun!
Also, loving the orange stripe ON top {are you surprised?}! ;)
I can't believe the deals you got on those belts! Lucky!

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