Iz's July Love // Apps, Macs, and Leaps!

 I've got a few monthly loves so bear with my ramblings!

First up, I always look forward to summer because So You Think You Can Dance starts a new season!  Though I find something a bit off about the contestants this year (maybe not enough emotion/connection?) I just get drawn into the expressiveness of dance and music.  I spent one night youtube-ing previous seasons and couldn't stop!  It made me want to sign up for dance classes right then and there!  I don't want to ever perform, but wouldn't it be so freeing if you could have a choreographer help you deal with issues in your life by putting your emotions, wishes, dreams, joy, pain, confusion into song and dance?  I think I should start a couples/family therapy idea!  BTW, I can't stand other dance shows - sorry.

Next up, July was a huge anticipation for me for the new operating system for Macs - I'm such a nerd.  I've spent WAY too long with sloooow technology and it was time to treat myself!  I don't own an iphone so to have iphone type capabilities (like reminders, notifications, messaging) on my laptop got me really excited!  And icloud!  I just need a phone to actually USE icloud!  Anyways, it's a great monthly love because upgrading OS AND adding memory ram to your computer is a frugal way to feel like you have some brand new technology!  And it only set me back about $130.

Last love is this app I discovered.  It's called Fooducate and it scans food items and gives you a ABCD rating, weight watchers points, better alternatives, and any warnings you should be aware of from the app researchers as well as from the public.  I don't buy packaged goods very often - just meat, veggies, bulk foods, but it'll help anybody know whether that thing you've heard so much about, is actually healthy for you!  Just  b e  s m a r t  peoples!  Yes, almonds are great for you and will get an A+ rating, but don't get salted, roasted, honeyed, smothered almonds!  They don't mention that "these almonds are high in saltiness" and only focus on "almonds are full of great fat" and I think that's so misleading!  Watch your sodium content along with all the others! Scan away my friends!  It would've been so helpful that day we bought a huge jug of Naked juice.  C rating - sadness, I got fooled. (Some Naked products are good; just be choosy!)


Kerry at: August 3, 2012 at 1:59 PM said...

Let's take a dance class! 100% with you on new OS for Mac, and I can't wait to check out the Fooducate app!

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