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You may remember the fabulous list Isabel put together for tax-free weekend shopping!  We went to a really fun event at the GAP at Northpark, and can I just say: I was really impressed.  {I had an inkling before going to the store, though, when I saw and became instantly obsessed with Kerry's neon shorts.  They are awesome!}

The GAP and I have always been in a relationship.  The GAP was my very serious boyfriend for most of my young life {we started dating in 7th grade, and by 9th grade, we were inseperable.  We were pre-engaged for all of my high school years...} 

Then, the GAP got a little boring to me.  Our conversations lagged.  Things that used to be bright and country-clubby became dull and neutral.  For a long time... 

We were seeing each other only intermittently throughout college and my early adult years.  We still got together some weekends, but I didn't feel like splurging on our dates much, and usually rejected the GAP's offerings in favor of other, more exciting suitors' gifts and bling. 

Well, I think we are entering a new phase now, the GAP and me.  I think I'm ready to give the GAP another try, and a little piece of my heart.  Not too sure about a full-fledged engagement or marriage yet, but the GAP is definitely promising some pretty colorful excursions to come...

1. Isabel pointed out this preppy yet slouchy striped cardi.  What I love about it is that the stripes look painted on!
2.  I loved these neon kakhis!  The neon yellow looks exactly like a highlighter, and the hot pink is also rad.
3.  All of their loafers are so cute, but I am particularly loving these ones with embroidered symbols!
4.  These little wedges are a great color, and are also on S-A-L-E!
Isabel had these next three in her post, but I think they deserve even more snaps, for being particularly wonderful!
1. These kelly green kakhis are too cute!
2.  We both fell in love with this elephant scarf, especially with orange pants!
3.  Isabel pointed out this polka-dot top, and I loved it, too!  It feels like a fabulous, sooooft old sheet.
PS: did you notice?  Even the GAP's logo is looking better than in the past... Very streamlined!  Lost a little weight.
Sorry for the fuzzy new logo... Couldn't find a bigger one!

Have you fallen back in love with any of your old favorites lately?


Kerry at: August 26, 2012 at 3:19 PM said...

I totally feel you on your relationship with Gap! My biggest complaint these days is their vanity-sizing! I just wish I could get their pants to fit me consistently. Ahhh, petite gal problems. : /

I bought some of their little loafers in red suede and the polka dots! They're fun and pretty good quality!

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