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I have a dining room dilemma. It needs some mah-jor assistance. It used to look a bit more complete, as there was a cushy alpaca rug underneath our dining set. However, our house flooded and our rug was destroyed in the flood. Good old insurance gave us the funds to replace it, but I couldn't find anything I liked. So, as with most rooms in my house, this room has sat this way {read: UNfinished} for awhile. 

images by the photographically talented isabel

I asked Isabel and Maigen to assist me in coming up with a new design plan for my room. I actually really love everything that is already in there, so I'm not keen on eliminating any pieces. I am open to painting, recovering, and adding to it, though. While I'm super excited to see what they have in store for me, I have to admit that I'm pretty ecstatic to share what I've compiled to change this room from dull to dazzling.
It all started when I spotted this photo on La Dolce Vita's Fabulous Room Friday post back in late April of this year. I loved the gorgeous kelly green chairs, which got me to thinking that maybe I'd like to paint my chairs green, too. 

In thinking rather obsessively about having kelly green dining room chairs, I was on the hunt for what could help to pull everything together. That's when I stumbled upon the Finnia rug from Anthropologie. I knew that it would coordinate so well with the Minerva Teichart painting hanging on the wall.  Everything else came together from there. So without further adieu, here is my overall moodboard for a new and improved dining room. 
{As always, the breakdown and links of each piece will be in the following images/text.}

I love how there is so much color in this potential room, but nothing seems to compete. I tried to bring in lots of textures to keep it interesting. 

:::The Dining Set Spruce-Up:::
New Accessories// tray, bowl, aloe candle holder, octopus - I love the mash of accessories and the various textures in the compilation.
New Fabric// linen - Drawing from the inspiration photo's linen curtains {image top right}, I thought linen would be a great fabric in which to cover the chair seats. 
Chair Paint Options// par four, formal garden, green acres, green grass, climbing ivy - I can't decide between all of these greens. I think I'm leaning towards green grass and climbing ivy, though.
Table Paint Options// subtle touch, manhattan mist, polished - Again, I can't decide between all of this light gray colors; I think I'm leaning toward subtle touch and polished the most.

:::Adding Pattern and Texture:::

Finnia Rug// I adore the colors. They're so saturated.
Carroll Bench// To place under the windows and create a cozy little spot to sit and enjoy the natural light
Ludlow Throw// To toss atop the bench; I have to have at least one item that reminds me of the alpaca rug of yore {seen previously here, here, here}
Bench Fabrics// I would like to cover the bench top with foam and fabric to make it more inviting. In order from top to bottom: pillow {I really like this fabric, so I might use several pillows instead of a foam covering}, lattice driftwood, texture cocoa, slick mink, parterre walnut - I can't decide on which fabric I like best. I'm still searching high and low for the exact fabric in the inspiration photo {top left}.


Animal Heads// I already own both {ram and gazelle} and they currently flank the sides of the Teichart painting. I'm not super in love with their placement; that wall is reallllllly long, and it's been hard for me to properly address it. More on this in the next bit! Keep reading!
New Lighting// Small Round Capiz Pendant - I think this pendant is a definite winner! Our current fixture is identical to the one in our breakfast area, so it doesn't feel special. I love how light, airy, and delicate this feels, and how it reflects light beautifully. I think the room is weighed down by the current fixture.
Umbrella Stand// I couldn't help but want to add the boot umbrella stand tucked into the corner of my entryway. It's so cute and happy, and functional too! 

:::Wall Decor Display Idea:::
I like this wall decor idea using metal picture ledges from West Elm. I think it could work well, but not I'm committed to finding so many different pieces to make these shelves live up to their potential. I'm pretty undecided about it right now, but I do like it so it's still on the table.

What do you think? Which paint colors tug at your interior design heart-strings? How would you make that looooooong wall look stylish?


Amy Shaughnessy at: August 6, 2012 at 1:35 PM said...

I love that cool light fixture! I'm terrible at home decor. I usually let my mom help me out...


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