Style That Item: Isabel's Bridesmaid Dress

Isabel is wearing this little cutie of a dress in a wedding, and asked for some styling advice.  The colors of the wedding are pink, grey & white. 

{An aside: for some reason, I am really in the mood for animal prints & preppy looks.  I am sure you will notice it all throughout my post!} 
First things first.  Iz, make sure you get a slip.  Yes, mostly grannies {and me} wear them.  Yes, they are another layer.  But, look at these photos!  It's a little see-through.  The $15 will seem like nothing compared to the embarrassment of exposing your lady bits or bum at a wedding.  Target has some really good, inexpensive, non-lacy ones that I like and that will be pretty comfy.  Here's one example that I don't think is the kind I like, but seems similar.  The good ones are in the store and feel like thin, slick jersey.

Second, I would really like to see a belt with this dress for the wedding {particularly in my first bridesmaid look and the bridesmaid look with the dip-dyed cardi.  The other cardigan looks don't need a belt, since they self-belt}.  I couldn't find any I liked nearly as much as the sparkly, grey ones Kerry suggested.  I would definitely pick one of those pretties up {I added my favorite to my pic below, so that you can visualize it better}!

 J Crew Marigold earrings
Refined silk-cashmere wrap in snow or this a-maz-ing J Crew animal print scarf
Kerry's find: grey sparkly belt
Isabel's own pretty shoes {seen here}
Squared starburst bracelet
Remember these?

Yep, Isabel liked them on a recent shopping trip.  I think the pinky flower {or even the pink earrings, in the center of the earring card} and/or the enamel ring would look great with the dress for the wedding!  {And, maybe they're on sale now!}

I found some fun options for Isabel, in case she feels like wearing a cardigan to the reception.  Some of these are real wish-list material, since their prices might be a tad more than Iz would want to spend for one occasion!

Anthro Drop earrings
Clare Vivier clutch
$ ruched cardi /Nina grey pumps
$$ dip-dyed cashmere cardi / Vera Wang pumps
$$$ Cashmere/Mink Cardi / Brian Atwood pumps
After the wedding, Iz might want to still get some use out of her dress.  And, why not?  It has what it takes to wear in the summer and into the fall.  Most of the options below have layers that can be added and removed, based on what Texas' temperamental weather decides to do...

This first look is probably my fave.  It's preppy and still a bit funky.
Anthro enamel petal posts
Clare Vivier clutch

sidewalk skimmers
Refined silk-cashmere scarf in purple

herringbone tights
I love the next look because it reminds me of Charlotte from 'Sex & the City.'
Merino v-neck cardi
Banana Republic classic trench & stretch skinny belt
Printed calf hair clutch
sidewalk skimmers
Ever since I saw these boots on Pinterest, I've been obsessing... Li'l bit. 

They are from's ediTORIal.  I thought they {or, similar boots} would be cute with Isabel's dress.  A wedge heel would be good for a little extra height.  Plus, Kerry's riding boot/chevron sweater/fedora look was SO AWESOME, no?  It was my very fave, and I have to admit, it totally inspired me to want to put tall boots with the dress {although, I promise, I had that chevron clutch picked out long ago!  K is a style genius, I'm just always so proud of myself when I like anything even similar to something she likes}
pinstripe scarfAnthro embellished peaks clutch
Isabel's chambray shirt to wear tied at the waist, also seen here
fringe chain earrings 
patterned tights
wedge boots
enameled giraffe bangle
...Later that same day...

I stumbled across this belt on  Which is downright perfect, if you ask me!  So, I could recommend this for the looks I stole Kerry's belt for, since I like it, too!  {Although, I still adore K's find!}

How would you wear Isabel's dress?


Lilly at: August 26, 2012 at 2:21 PM said...

Love the classics set and the jeweled belt on the first set! This is very much your blogger super power. I am going to a wedding at the end of the month and bought a dress that I love but I am not sure how to accessorize it! Seems like a lot of things make it look overdone but without a few things I would feel to plain. Any suggestions?

Kerry at: August 26, 2012 at 3:13 PM said...

That classic Charlotte York looks is my favorite! That other jeweled belt you found is perfect! xoxo

Kerry at: August 26, 2012 at 3:15 PM said...

And that chevron clutch is gorgeous! Love the colors!

Maigen at: August 26, 2012 at 8:26 PM said...

Thanks, ladies!

K- I know, the colors of the clutch are fab! The colors in the chevron cardigan in your post remind me so much of it! :) Beautiful!

Lilly- we are going to make a couple of looks up for your dress and post them on LCDF by Wednesday! Yay, thanks for asking!!! So exciting! PS: We love your dress! :)

Isabel at: September 8, 2012 at 8:46 PM said...

Ok, my browser is now full of tabs of all your great ideas: the Marigold earrings - must have, the foldover clutch - AH!, all the scarfs and tights, the jacket with the too cute elbow patches, and those boots!

I agree with LIlly - this IS your supper power! Thanks for all your fabulous ideas! Sharing with the other BMs!

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