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This is Kerry's pretty dining room, as photographed by the lovely Isabel:
K said, "I actually really like everything that I already have; I just want to add some things to pull it together and make it look more polished and finished."

So, this is my attempt at that!  I loooove what Kerry came up with, don't you?!  Since her dining room design is more relaxed, organic, and casual in feel, I'm going to go a little more formal, just for a different option.  {Plus, y'all know I love bling!}

Kerry's living room is a vibrant, beautiful blue, and since it is totally visible from the dining room, I'm going to go fairly neutral with my color scheme, so that it has a style of its own, but doesn't detract from the main event. 

I think Kerry's design is just about perfect already, though.  She managed to bring in a new color {gorgeous green}, and still incorporate the blue.  Frankly, the flow in her design is so good, I don't see how I will be able to offer anything she would even consider!  But, still, I'm a-gonna try! 

First of all, the walls... I would do a graphic, bold-patterned, yet neutral wallpaper on the two long walls.  I'm loving either of the two below {Cream Warmth or Darcy Pearl}, and I picked a few pretty grey paints for the two small walls.  They are pretty much mix-n-match, so any combo will look beautiful!  Kerry has some pretty grey-blue curtains, which I would keep.  I'm leaning, obviously, toward a cream, grey, and blue color palette...

Cream Warmth wallpaper
Darcy Pearl Wallpaper
1. Benjamin Moore Ballet White Paint
2. Benjamin Moore Pashmina Paint
3. Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey Paint
Also, to make the room a little more modern {especially since I'm going with wallpaper}, I would remove the chair rails.  Now, they are pretty, but I think with wallpaper, it would be weird to paper above and below.  And I'm really not much for doing the half-paper/half-paint option...

Now, onto the art!  I love what Kerry already has.  I think I would switch things up a bit, in that I would move the painting and animals to the other long wall {it is a bit shorter, and they would seem a little more substantial over there}.  I do think these three pieces stand alone, though, so I wouldn't want to put anything else on that wall.  I would also stack the animals next to the painting, like so:

Painting; Ram head; Gazelle head
 On the other wall, I would do a wall of mirrors {K already has a great rectangular one to start off with}.  My fabulous friend, Rachel, did this once, and it has stuck with me for being elegant and classic and at the same time kind of funky.  It will brighten up the space and make it seem larger.  It's like the 80's trick of a mirror wall, only updated.  I wouldn't cover the whole wall, by any means {that would detract from the fabulous wallpaper!}, but would divide the wall in thirds, and fill the center section with mirrors {probably pretty close together, to saturate the area and make this a very stunning moment.  From ceiling to floor.}  I'd definitely use mirrors of differing sizes, shapes, styles, and color frames.
1 {supposed to be similar to the one K already has} 2 3 4 {two different Pottery Barn frameless mirrors} 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

So, this isn't even original, since I know Kerry used to have an alpaca rug, but this type rug is the ONLY thing I can picture in the space!  I'm either creatively blocked or obsessed.  But, oh, well.  I'm going with my heart.  And my heart says: plush, lush, furry sheepskin rug!  I have one, and there is nothing softer and more luxurious, I tell you!

Next thing is the lighting!  I am loving this Athena chandi from ZGallerie!  It's blingy but still not too overpowering!

If Kerry wants to paint her dining set, I love a high-gloss dark grey spray paint {yes, I used it here, too}!  I think a fresh ikat fabric  on the seat covers {or to slip-cover the chairs-- my mom suggested that and I think it would be awesome!!} would bring a little fun to the space.

A nice cream-colored linen table runner that can be monogrammed will be a nice organic touch, while Z Gallerie's Orion bowl definitely lends the za-za-zing to the table.  I'd throw a few wooden spheres and capiz shell spheres in the bowl to contrast rustic and matte with modern and shiny.

I loved Kerry's idea of bringing in some additional seating with a bench, so, ummm... I shamelessly copied her! 
I would bring in this grey and creme zig-zag bench from West Elm, and throw it under the window.  A couple of throw pillows {yes, I am officially obsessed with the WE zebra pillow! Also love this bird pillow!  Finally, the blue and grey pillow will round out the grouping, since it is a different size and shape} and the dining room is dressed-up and ready to throw a soire!

I've noticed lately that I am leaning towards neutrals and blues a lot in my decor {see here and here}.  What color combos are speaking to you these days?


Kerry at: August 20, 2012 at 7:54 PM said...

Awesome job, as always! I love the idea of moving the painting and animal heads over to the shorter wall.

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