Summertime Lunches

When you live in a place that is like unto an oven for several months out of the year, it's hard to want to cook or eat hot food.  It's hard to not just want to sit down with some frosty watermelon or cup of gelato for each meal.

But, I have a couple of faves for lunches {particularly Saturday lunches}...
So, yes, this open-faced sandwich does go into the oven for a few minutes, just to melt the cheese and toast the bread a bit {and yes, that is a bite I took out of the corner, I couldn't wait}!  It's not really hot when you eat it , though, just warm. 

I get some artisian bread at the grocery store {this one is sourdough}, put some brie, mashed up avocado, tomato, and Sea S&P, and then throw it directly on the oven rack near the top {usually I set it on broil}.  I just watch it, but it usually is ready in about 5 minutes.  You can drizzle a bit of EVOO on top when it comes out, just to make it less dry, plus, it's delish!  I eat mine with a few kalamata olives on the side, and YUM!  Sometimes I use havarti instead of brie, and it is equally delightful.  Another amazing option is to use some jarred artichoke hearts instead of avocado.  Bon Appetit.

Okay, so I am obsessed with non-fat Greek yogurt.  I eat it every day, for at least one meal.  My favorite combo is greek yogurt with a clementine {I cut it in half and then peel apart the pieces over the yogurt.  It is so good, because the juices drip all in the yogurt!} and blueberries or blackberries {or both}!  I didn't have berries the day I took this photo, so I added some blueberry preserves, which was awesome!  {A word of caution here, though, that is waaay too much preserves in the photo.  A good spoonful is more than enough.  I ended up with a bunch leftover.  Otherwise, it's too sweet.  For me, anyway!}

If you do have real berries, you can add a dash of dark agave nectar if you need a bit more sweetness {it can seem a little sour when you first start eating it}.

Another awesome combo I have been eating lately for lunch at work is the yogurt, a dash of agave, some Quaker granola for crunch, and a half a nectarine, diced up.  It is so, so good!

One thing I have noticed, if you mix it all up, the flavors of everything else gets kind of overpowered by the yogurt.  I just put whatever I like on top, and kind of dunk my spoon in to get a bit of everything.  Plus, this way, if you add some granola or cereal for crunch, it won't get soggy.

What do you like to eat when it's too hot to really cook?


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