Oh, no! West Elm, stop it. {NKOTB}

So, I have to say, the major advantage disadvantage of my part-time WE gig is seeing all the new stuff coming in.  And then, wanting it.  Like, all of it. 

I already used a few of my favorite new items in Angel's living room make-over.

And here are a few many other new jewels:
herringbone pillow {I prefer the green & turq} / cotton w/ velvet edge monogrammable pillow /
organic winter ikat duvet / teardrop embroidered sheet set

I like the preppy bordered favorite throw / martini side table in brass / perforated globe pendant / garden path silk pillow {the back is a contrasting dark blue floral}/ metallic faux knit pillow / panorama mercury glass chandelier

flared glass vases {I want the Tiffany blue one--second from right!} / metallic zipper cases /
bottle opener {I don't ever need a bottle opener, but couldn't resist the vampire teeth!} /
glass shelf / spooky plates {I like the skull} / a playful felt fox laptop holder

gorgeous honeycomb glassware / metallic cable knit runner / twig flatware {they added silver handels, they used to only have dark handles, and now I like it!} / how sexy are these knives w/ urban block?

Holiday!  Celebrate! 
dancing deer doormat / felt coaster set {for Kerry!} / patchwork ornaments / the paper mache' newsprint deer {also comes in silver!} reminds me of the Anthro french-poetry animal busts / antler pillow {I can't resist this one!  I may have to get it!} / winter flower garland

I'm sure you will see some of these items again in upcoming "style that item" posts and {hopefully!} in a few "treat yo' self" posts, too! ;)

Did you see anything to add to your wish-list?  

An Angelic living room

If you're noticing a theme, hey, it's Sunday, so I'm a little "angel" happy!  JK.  Anyway, my friend Angel from WE asked for some advice on decorating his new apartment.  And, ya'll know that to me, putting together a room is as fun {or probably more fun} as say, bowling {hiking?  camping?} for a normal person... 

Luckily, he's starting off with some pretty good pieces: a nice West Elm sofa & coffee table.  Both of which, luckily, fit right into my design aestetic.  So, it wasn't too hard to jump from that point into a full-fledged room {and, ahem, a not-so-short shopping list for my buddy}!

I am keeping it kind of simple though, because he is, after all, a dude.  He specifically requested "manly."  So, here is my take on a "manly" living room! 

Starting off, I think he could use a couple of velvet upholstered chairs {in ink blue}, to put in a conversation-promoting U with his sofa. 

Also, a cool {inexpensive}, mid-century modern inspired side table will be a nice place to put a small terrarium and a drink as he relaxes and enjoys his fabulous new place!  On the other end of the sofa, a cool "rustic storage" side table will hold a lamp, for a little extra light!
velvet upholstered chairs /  black and bronze mid-century style side table / a white-washed wood & metal bookcase for books and some accessories / Tillary Tufted sofa / rustic side table / West Elm sliding top coffee table {no longer available}
I tried to pick some cool and not-girly accessories.  The wooden antler candlesticks will be cool grouped on one end the coffee table and on the other end, a Buddha {which I know he likes already, which is why I included it!} can just chill.  The vases are for the bookshelf.  

lamp / candle holders / navy vase / terrarium / smoke mica vase / Buddha
Some good wall art is definitely a must!  I chose a range of styles, which he can mix and match or choose a favorite piece/type and go from there!
school of fish gold 3 piece wall panel / abstract art / aerial navigation art / silver cow skull / stripe abstract art

I picked pillows with texture to add interest.  I think I prefer the navy color of the cozy pillow, but the cream would also look great!
dip-dye pillow / nordic diamond silk pillows {for the club chairs} / trellis pillow / cozy pillow in cream or navy / origami sweater-knit pillow
I love both of the throw blankets below, and a large, ikat area rug ties it all together.  I loooove the sunset throw.  I really can't decide between navy "officer blue" & yellow "goldenrod," they are both so lovely...  I think if he goes with the navy cozy pillow above, he should get the goldenrod throw, so a pop of color.  This is my recommendation, but we'll see what he decides!
golden or navy sunset throw / faux fur throw / rug
Here it is with the change in pillow & throw:

Fun, no?

Here is a picture that shows the colors of the sunset throw a little better, and that the throws fade from dark on the ends to light in the middle {yes, I know that it's'called "ombre," but never has a word annoyed me more, I don't know why.  But, I won't be using it anytime in the near future, so don't hold your breath}!  They're sassy!  I personally want one in every color!

I prefer the printed curtains below, but if he wants to tone down the room, he could also go with a nice basic dark grey canvas version.
Canvas window panel / Tali printed window panel
I hope he likes my room design!  How would you "manly up" a room? 

M's Monthly DIY: A New Look for Some Plaster Angels

I lucked out and scored these three plaster angel wall-hangings when my grandmom downsized! 

The only problem: they were so dark and the bronze glaze made me think they looked like they should be in some old, somewhat scary church in a place like Transylvania.  I don't know why I think that.  Am I just overly imaginative, or do you see it, too?
But, they're angels, man.  I think they need to be happy and bright.  And in this case, perhaps a little bit funky.  Taking a page from the faux-animal-head playbook,
West Elm animal head sculptures
I spray-painted them flat white.  {My mom's a genius, this was her idea!}  Now, what I have is some up-to-date angels!  Yay!
All I had to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth to make sure there wasn't any dust and then do several layers of spray paint.  It was a super-easy project that only took about 30 minutes.  I

'm going to hang them on my little orange wall!  {I am still unpacking at my new apartment, but once I hang them up, I will post a pic!  ...And, yes, it is taking far too long.  I moved on August 4th, but my garage just became available.  I have to store a ton of stuff, so it's all been just hanging around in my apartment!  I still have boxes up to my eyeballs!}

Have you done any quick little projects lately {and/or then tried to pass them off as an actual DIY on your blog? ;)} 

Clutch Crazy!

I just love clutches and have been seeing cute ones everywhere lately!

These first ones are a little bit rock-n-roll and a little fringy {pssst: I got the burgundy and we will be "styling that item" soon!}
$ / $$ / $$$
I am also loving the fun, sassy mix of animal prints and bold metal!

$ / $$ / $$$
Kerry might dig the next set!  How rad are these?!
$ {Love that it's wool} / $$ / $$$
Ahh, sparkle!  I'm like a turkey, I peck at anything that shines and shimmers!
$ / $$ {Definitely adding to my closet soon!} / $$$ {This Prada is glorious!  Definitely a wish list item that will remain on the wish list!  Sigh.} 
Of course, no list is complete without some punchy colors!  At least, not in my book!

$ / $$ / $$$ {I die! The lettering says "Pardon My French!"}
 Have you found any cute clutches lately? 

Iz's Monthly Love: Demi Lovato's Rocker style


Ok, no judgement please, but I've been watching a lot of X Factor and I cannot help but gravitate towards Demi Lovato to see what she's got going on.  I'm digging her blonde rocker glam looks and keep thinking how bad she makes Britney Spears look!  I never paid any attention to Demi before, so when I look forward to seeing her fashion on the show, I had to make it my monthly obsession love.

Here's Demi glammed up before her latest blonde and neon tipped makeover.  I adore her dress from the color, to the draping, to the material.  Gorgeous!

Then, she went blonde and straight.  
I'm loving this interesting not-too-sweet white dress with I believe an extremely long necklace down the front.  That necklace sure adds a lot to the dress!

Next, for X Factor, she upped the makeup with big wing-tipped/cat eye liner, almost-too-perfect eyebrows, and tight up-dos.   Some people find her makeup too "painted", but I've enjoyed seeing her go bold and looking so confident.  She glows with that beautiful smooth skin! Her go to show style: graphic dress topped with a funky jacket, a combination that suits her new look!  I like the bright green color of her dress with the zippered neckline and swirls of black to make it more rocker.  That leather jacket looks pretty great with it too!  And her hair - so sleek without a hair out of place.

Here comes Demi with neon streaked hair ends.  First up, are her blue tips!  Yes, this is another bun, but I am super jealous and wanting that soft wave she's got at her crown.  How do you get that volume and body??!  I also like the softness of her blue wrapped around her soft blonde locks.  She's rocking some fun arrowhead or triangle earrings andI like the combo of the green military jacket with a soft cream romper and heels.  I do think the waist is a bit too high or the shorts are too long, but still a nice combination and something worth trying yourself!  (the jacket reminds me of my green vest, so this look was put in my mental notes)

Ok, you all know I love black and white and I'm loving the cut of her skirt and pattern on her top.  It's a bit leather cowgirl!  Such great bounce and that brown belt with the scallops is too fun!  Again, some great volume in her hair, this time with a blue fishtail braid.  

This look has a fun retro twist happening, but I'm not a fan of that random half pony in the back.  Another fun colored dress, with a lace and scalloped edge pattern, topped with a quarter sleeved leather jacket.  

Here, Demi went with a bright pink lip color, something her tender age of 20 allows.  She's wearing a body hugging dress this time with a rocker vest and a fun pointy necklace. (Don't you just love my proper style jargon?  I know nothing!)  This look, sitting next to Britney, made poor Britney look old =/. 

Ok, this one was a bit crazy, but it looked great on TV as she sat at the judges' table.  A simple black dress, with a bit of brassier showing,  provided a great foundation piece for her eye-catching tiered cardigan.  

I love the graphic print of this next dress!  The colors are fabulous, I can't stop looking at it, and what a fun little wrap that's incorporated with it.  It looks like it crosses her body and falls to the floor, held tight by a shiny rope belt.  I would totally wear that dress!

Ok, yay, no more tight buns in these next few looks!  I like her with her hair long and loose.  This is a sweet around town look.  I'm digging the shoes/wedges/booties/ whatever they're called.  

Here are some pre-makeover looks, and after finding these, I realize I like her dark soft hair so much better!  But I commend her for experimenting and having fun!  These glitter-fied pants look fun to rock and I happen to like the crochet/fishnet type top.  Those big loose caramel waves are too amazing!

Ok, blazer alert!  Not only does a red blazer look great, but this cobalt blue one with piping on the pockets, buttons along the undersides of the sleeves and a tuxedo collar (?) looks really awesome!  So awesome, you just layer it on top of a tshirt and shredded jeans and you're ready to roll!

This is a bit more made up look; I like the dark black with the great blouse underneath.  A fab neutral way to look pulled together.
above imgs

Here's a comfy way to look rocker chic:  Black leggings, a cozy scarf, leather jacket and a pleasant blouse look incredible with her crossbody bag.
In Demi's newest music video, she goes a bit more relaxed and natural and I'm absolutely loving how great she looks.  Big voluminous locks and soft makeup shows off her adorable freckles and pretty brown eyes.   The girl has freckles!!!  Show off those little suckers - I love freckles!  You can watch the video to see what I mean.

I completely didn't ever think I would pay Demi more than two minutes of my time, but she has been a fun monthly love to obsess over!  

Eyebrow Envy

Lily Collins is a true beauty. Ever since seeing her spread in the September 2012 issue of Glamour in which Victoria Beckham played guest-editor, I'm over-the-top obsessed with a very specific part of her: Those glorious eyebrows. They're thick and gorgeously shaped, reminiscent of the ever-stylish Audrey Hepburn's, and as a thin-to-normal-width eyebrowed gal, nothing short of enviable.

images via Google image search & Glamour

Do you envy anyone's eyebrows? Or are yours pretty enviable themselves?


So, I wanted to participate in Molly's awesome "Analogous Color Schemes" reader submission over at Anthromollogies, but, dummy me, I didn't look at the color wheel again, and didn't remember all the shades of the colors I was combining that got in between {I meant to re-check her post, but things have been all up-rooted lately.  I'm dog-sitting, so I don't have as much access to my computer OR my closet}!  Anyway, I put together this outfit and took pics and then went to email it and realized I was way off!

 SO, here is my NOT analogous color scheme outfit! 

cardigan: Anthro {old} / tee: Target / jeans: American Eagle / shoes: Gap {seen also here} / earrings: Nordstrom Rack / necklace: H&M
Oh, well!  I liked the color combo anyway!  :)
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