A Deal and a Steal {High(ish)/Low}

I have had a hankering for animal-printed calf hair pointy-toed flats {that's a mouthful!} lately.  When Iz and I attended a Madewell style event this month, hosted by FabSugar & the lovely Molly of A Piece of Toast, I spotted a pair that I have since added to my wish list.

I even used them in this post for Isabel's bridesmaid dress!  Today, whilst reading up on some of my fave blogs, the super-stylish Tara of Mix and Match Fashion opened my eyes to a similar, very well priced option!

Madewell $135 / Old Navy $24.94
Yes, the Madewell ones have piping around the edges, and seem to be lower-cut {exposing some much-desired toe-cleavage}, but, if the Old Navy ones are cute on the foot?  Yes, I think I'll be saving the extra Benjamin.  Especially when it comes to such trendy pieces, I have a hard time dishing out too much, since I have a tendency to "get over" things rather quickly.

Have you found any high/low deals lately?

{PS: I know this is supposed to be my Monthly DIY challenge post... It is soon to come!  I have something to finish up tomorrow before I post it!}

(PPS: check out the look I submitted to Effortless Anthropologie!  PPPS: That Roxy is so stylish!}


Isabel at: September 8, 2012 at 8:15 PM said...

Oooo! Thanks for sharing this! Adding!

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