An Angelic living room

If you're noticing a theme, hey, it's Sunday, so I'm a little "angel" happy!  JK.  Anyway, my friend Angel from WE asked for some advice on decorating his new apartment.  And, ya'll know that to me, putting together a room is as fun {or probably more fun} as say, bowling {hiking?  camping?} for a normal person... 

Luckily, he's starting off with some pretty good pieces: a nice West Elm sofa & coffee table.  Both of which, luckily, fit right into my design aestetic.  So, it wasn't too hard to jump from that point into a full-fledged room {and, ahem, a not-so-short shopping list for my buddy}!

I am keeping it kind of simple though, because he is, after all, a dude.  He specifically requested "manly."  So, here is my take on a "manly" living room! 

Starting off, I think he could use a couple of velvet upholstered chairs {in ink blue}, to put in a conversation-promoting U with his sofa. 

Also, a cool {inexpensive}, mid-century modern inspired side table will be a nice place to put a small terrarium and a drink as he relaxes and enjoys his fabulous new place!  On the other end of the sofa, a cool "rustic storage" side table will hold a lamp, for a little extra light!
velvet upholstered chairs /  black and bronze mid-century style side table / a white-washed wood & metal bookcase for books and some accessories / Tillary Tufted sofa / rustic side table / West Elm sliding top coffee table {no longer available}
I tried to pick some cool and not-girly accessories.  The wooden antler candlesticks will be cool grouped on one end the coffee table and on the other end, a Buddha {which I know he likes already, which is why I included it!} can just chill.  The vases are for the bookshelf.  

lamp / candle holders / navy vase / terrarium / smoke mica vase / Buddha
Some good wall art is definitely a must!  I chose a range of styles, which he can mix and match or choose a favorite piece/type and go from there!
school of fish gold 3 piece wall panel / abstract art / aerial navigation art / silver cow skull / stripe abstract art

I picked pillows with texture to add interest.  I think I prefer the navy color of the cozy pillow, but the cream would also look great!
dip-dye pillow / nordic diamond silk pillows {for the club chairs} / trellis pillow / cozy pillow in cream or navy / origami sweater-knit pillow
I love both of the throw blankets below, and a large, ikat area rug ties it all together.  I loooove the sunset throw.  I really can't decide between navy "officer blue" & yellow "goldenrod," they are both so lovely...  I think if he goes with the navy cozy pillow above, he should get the goldenrod throw, so a pop of color.  This is my recommendation, but we'll see what he decides!
golden or navy sunset throw / faux fur throw / rug
Here it is with the change in pillow & throw:

Fun, no?

Here is a picture that shows the colors of the sunset throw a little better, and that the throws fade from dark on the ends to light in the middle {yes, I know that it's'called "ombre," but never has a word annoyed me more, I don't know why.  But, I won't be using it anytime in the near future, so don't hold your breath}!  They're sassy!  I personally want one in every color!

I prefer the printed curtains below, but if he wants to tone down the room, he could also go with a nice basic dark grey canvas version.
Canvas window panel / Tali printed window panel
I hope he likes my room design!  How would you "manly up" a room? 


Kerry at: October 1, 2012 at 7:05 PM said...

This is so masculine, but perfectly balanced at the same time. I'd be happy for this to be my living room, too! Well done, friend! xoxo

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