Autumnal Moments: Photo Ops and Style

Summer's getting all wrapped up into cozy fall and with it, all my intentions of summer photo sessions.  It's just too dang hot here in Texas!  I think I should just pick up and move to another state for 2 months!  But autumn, my absolute favorite season, starts to bring people out again.  The crisp cool weather, the abundance of nature, the anticipation of holidays; all of it snaps people into motion.  And I get the joy of freezing those moments for them!  Or filming, if you love memories to come back to life, like I do.

Here are some cool weather photo related things I'm looking forward to!

Photo Ideas/Themed shoot ideas:
A dusk beach picnic on a long weekend holiday
Source: via Isabel on Pinterest

For a cool windy day

A colorful session.
I love the outfit combinations of this one!!!

An all white, winter session
Source: via Isabel on Pinterest
Source: via Isabel on Pinterest

Now being comfortable at a session is not just important for the clients, but for the photographer as well!  I need pockets (or in this case, socks) to hold my lens caps or cards/film, I need my hair out of my face, and comfortable shoes to move quickly in.  I know many fabulously styled well-known photographers who shoot in high style and in dresses, so there's no reason to sacrifice there!  This is what I would rock out in because comfort comes first for me!

photo style

What To Wear:
I have always loved this Jcrew catalog cover because of all the books, the jeep and the relaxed feel of the fashion.  Though I'm not entirely a plaid fan, I thought this would be a great look to use for the upcoming fall!

Here's my interpretation for an engagement shoot.fall country

Tons more ideas to come!  Sorry if my writing sounds odd - I've been talking to kids all week and my brain isn't really working at the moment! :D


Maigen at: September 14, 2012 at 11:23 PM said...

There is just SO much I love in this post! How 'bout a list? {My family makes fun of me because I'm always like "a... b... c..." etc when I talk, but I just like lists!} ;) I'm a list junkie.

a} beach picnic photo idea & inspiration pic
b} Natalie Portman pic {how goegeous is she?!}
c} I agree, the girl's outfit is AWESOME in the engagement pics, and I want that bike!
d} that pillow fight looks fun, but I think I'm allergic to down! :( Would a down alternative pillow fight look as cute? ;) I doubt it! LOL!
e} I think you need that too-cute photog outfit, everything is perfect!
f} the colors in your suggested engagement photo outfits board are totally inspired! LOVE it! Aqua and maroon, who knew? You're dead-on with that one. I want to buy it all!


Kerry at: September 15, 2012 at 7:57 AM said...

FUN Ideas!

That photograph of Natalie is gorgeous!

Let's chat because I think I want to take some pictures of me and D (and little M, too) for a Christmas card this year!

eliz at: September 16, 2012 at 8:47 PM said...

Ooohh great great outfit the mint dress. I love photoshoots!

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