Black or White?

Did you not love Kerry's "Hunt for Red October" post?!  She got me hooked and I couldn't stop reading!  Plus, the title is so fun and fabulous; I literally gasped and said "That's a hot title, boy am I curious!'  Anyways, go check it out!

 Lately, I've been reaching for my shelter magazines and Pinterest just seeking and craving some good interior candy!  I NEED some inspiration!  So here are my latest pins that I'm loving:

Alex Fulton is combining dark neutrals and classic furniture with whimsical prints, pillows, and colors.  I am loving the two tone of the Chesterfield sofa, but what I think I like the most is the crisp white with dark walls scattered with happy colors.  I can step into this room and feel cozy, I can step in and be energized and happy, I can pull the pillows off and have an upscale look, or I can walk in as it is and have it all!

Source: via Isabel on Pinterest

This next room has the upscale library feel that I'm trending on right now.  Again, dark contrasted with white.  I love those cowhide pillows against that couch!  This room has all three of my favorite colors: navy, white, wood.  I will happily plop down and devour a book in this lofty lounge!  Those amazing windows are calling my name!

Speaking of plopping down, I'll take this round suspended bed any day!  Naps, reading, movie watching, phone chatting - this bed will see it all and then some!


Now I am falling in love with this bed frame!  I love it's shape, it's negative space, and the COLOR!  And if you can't tell already - it's another dark wall!  I'm realizing that while I love "put together" looks, (like the library above), I'm wanting my space to have more joy, whimsy, and color.  I want to look around and find myself smiling, you know?!  It's incredibly frightening to me because I am SO DARN practical indecisive.  I'm afraid I'll stop liking it in a few months or years or that I'll find it too "not put together" and want to scrap it all.  But anyhoo - I'm liking this room right now - maybe not the bedding, although I do like the fact that a lot of the colors are coming from there.

Lastly, this house tour has been on my mind because of it's incredible greenness.  The most fascinating product that they implemented was their complete rainwater filtration system.  As someone who has rain barrels and collects rainwater, I was amazed at how they're able to recycle their water at this house - they go above and beyond!  I encourage you to read the homeowner's interview and check out California Rainwater Tanks.  They're able to use their rainwater for laundry and cooking (if I remember correctly).  It must have made an impression on me, because I seem to keep bringing this up in conversations!

This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of interior images that I love and adore!  If you want to keep up with any of us, then follow our boards on Pinterest!  Check out the right sidebar for our "Follow Me On Pinterest" buttons.  We'd love to see what our readers pin too, so drop us a comment sometime so we can follow you back!

Are you noticing any trends in your interior style?  Please share!


Maigen at: September 21, 2012 at 5:08 PM said...

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that the library is my fave!! But, loving the dark walls and colors in the other rooms, too!
That hanging bed thing would be a very bad thing in my life, I would probably settle in and them never get anything else accomplished, ever!!


Kerry at: September 26, 2012 at 9:23 AM said...

Awesome inspiration! I'm with you on the library being my fave, Maigen! And a hanging bed on a porch?! Perfection! xoxo

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