DFW FNO @ Northpark


Fashion Night Out - a day when the unsuspecting mall shopper gets swept away in the midst of hordes, random long lines in the walkways, and young adults dressed head to toe in feathers and headgear.  Or you're luckily blessed to get to nibble on treats as you shop!

Maigen, her sister Georgia, and I stepped out to Northpark to catch their runway shows and like Maigen mentioned earlier - the first one was caught between heads, legs, and escalator rides!  Here are a few snapshots.  Unfortunately, my videos wouldn't upload.  I so badly wanted you to get to hear Maigen and our new friend, Carmela (I think...) scream "Yeah, girl!"  "Oh giiirl, mmm-hmm!".   You should have been there listening to their commentary!  Absolutely engaging and thrilling!

Loved this dress with the jacket!

You can't see it, but Macy's collection all had fishnet tights with socks and heels.

This brought about a "YEAH GIRL!" from behind me :)

Pinto Ranch

Sorry about the lack of visuals!  I took more videos than photos, which unfortunately didn't upload like I was counting on!  My favorite collection was the GAP one though - such bright colors for fall!

See anything you liked?


Maigen at: September 11, 2012 at 8:34 AM said...

Yeah, girl!! Haha, yes, we were excited!!

The Gap was definitely the best! Has me wanting to get some neon tights! :)


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