FNO ladies!

Isabel, my sis Georgia, and I went to Northpark on Thursday night for Fashion's Night Out!  It was fun, and the runway shows were fabulous {well, the last one was!  We missed the 6:00.  The 7:00 {Nordstrom} was watched through gaps in between the bums and ankles of the hoards of people pressed against the upper-level glass safety railing area and going up and down the escalator to get a good vista}!

We did manage to see the 8:00 show, and I really enjoyed it!  We saw Ted Baker London {loved!}, GAP {super-loved!}, Macy's, Dillard's {with weird S&M-esque black lace across the models' eyes, which was totally unexpected, especially for laced-up Dillard's!}, and Pinto Ranch Western Wear {which turned out much cooler than I would have expected!  I mean, it's Texas, we had to have some cowboy boots!} Iz got some pics, a couple of which we will probably see when she has a moment to come up for air from the new school year!  :)

Here is a pic of us goofing around afterward!  {Yes, I just had to pull my hair back!  It gets so unruly and it's just so hot!  I'm considering shaving my head.  No, not really, but sometimes it's so tempting here in Dallas in the dang summer!}

Iz, M, G

Did you get to check out FNO in your area?

Addendum: Yesterday, Georgia sent me a pic of herself from FNO that she had doctored up, and I couldn't stop laughing!  So, I thought I'd share!


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