Fresh Takes: Maigen's Closet

The fabulous & stylish Kerry & Iz came over to help me with some fresh eyes on my wardrobe...

They came up with some pretty creative, fun looks! 

Please ignore the fact that I am sweating like a pig.  It was about 104 degrees that day, so changing in and out of clothes and going outside for photos was quite intense.  I could feel my make-up running down my face.  Glamorous, I know!

Most of the pieces seen in the below looks aren't available anymore.  If they are, I have included a link!

{All photos by the incredibly talented Isabel!  Sorry, Iz, I did a little cropping on some of them!}

This first look is all about pattern and color! 

dress: Target / cardi: J Crew Factory / belt: Banana Republic Outlet / shoes: Chinese Laundry via DSW / clutch: Banana Republic / bracelets: Steinmart / ring: Target / earrings: Sam Moon
This next look includes some of my favorite colors and my favorite clutch of the summer!

blouse: Banana Republic / skirt: Old Navy / belt and necklace {also seen here}: Banana Republic Outlet / earrings: Nordstrom Rack / cat eyes and clutch: Target / shoes: Guess via Marshalls
 Here is something I can wear to the opera, a wedding reception, or a nice dinner!

Time for a couple of goofy shots {hey, I'm still silly ol' me!}:
earrings, blouse, belt, clutch: Banana Republic / skirt: Target / bracelets: Steinmart and ex-boyfriend's mom / shoes: Anne Klein
I really like the color combo the girls came up with in this next look!

blouse, tank, skirt {similar}: Target / earrings: J Crew Factory / necklace: J Crew / belt: Anthropologie {similar} / shoes: Crown Vintage via DSW / clutch: ?? I can't remember where I got it for the life of me, and it wasn't even that long ago!  Losing my mind...

The next look is a fun combo of fancy and laid-back!  I was glad they gave me a new way to wear the sequined top.  I had only worn it once, with a black cardigan and a pencil skirt at a holiday soiree last year...  This first grouping is my Warhol moment.  ;)

tee: Target / earrings: Steinmart / bag:  Kenar {seen also here}  / jeans: American Eagle / mocs: Minnetonka via Marshalls {similar}

Thanks to Isabel & Kerry for giving me a new lease on some items that had been lurking around the back of my closet!  Are they good or what?!

What are some clothing items you haven't worn in a while? 


Kerry at: September 3, 2012 at 7:50 PM said...

You look gorgeous! It was so fun to play around with your enviable wardrobe and accessories! xoxo

Maigen at: September 4, 2012 at 9:54 PM said...

Thanks, K! I will happily accept your fashion advice anytime!!


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