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I've got a few monthly loves this August - it's been a pretty fabulous month!  First, it kicked off with not one, but two incredibly fun parties hosted by the ladies at Rue Magazine.  I had never been to an event like that before; only seen them in blogs that hailed from California (like the wedding event called The Cream), and got a chance to spend two fun nights with Maigen making new friends!  You can see what went down at the first one here.

As a result, the extremely nice and supportive ladies we met at the first event, became "old acquaintances" at the second and it was so refreshing to get to know them better and know that there is local support!  Maigen and I caught up with Lilly from Pancakes and Beet Juice (M & K offered AMAZING style suggestions to her in this post), Rian from Sheridan French, Lindsey from Peacock Alley, and Molly from A Piece of Toast.  

My other monthly love has to be this Ocean Tubes Necklace from Anthropologie.  Such soft tones yet striking colors make this a statement piece!  I must also say, I'm loving my new purchases that I wore for my birthday and the first day of school!  The Dalmation Print shirt is so graphic with my bright green pants from LOFT!

Lastly, I went and got a haircut at the most stunning salon ever!  It's called Von Anthony Salon and it's super close to my house.  Sleek, dark concrete floors, large silver mirrors, chandeliers at every station and Kerastase products massaged into my scalp made this place a real treat!  My stylist gave me exactly what I wanted, I was offered choice of water, soda, tea, or wine, I had a minty scalp and neck massage, walked away with a list of products used and then they followed up with me by sending me a chance to give feedback and access to their concierge appointment service.  The little touches make such a difference and the price was very comparable to other places I've been!  More and more places are offering these types of services to where they are becoming standard, but it was still nice to experience it myself :D

What are some of your favorite outfits or places this month?


Maigen at: September 4, 2012 at 10:02 PM said...

Okay, I'm so glad you posted about our bloggie friends! They are so sweet!

You look sooooo fabulous! What a cute outfit! I covet that top! & I think you should add that gorgeous necklace to it! That would be perfect!

Also, def going to have to check out the salon. I've been looking for a new place!


Kerry at: September 5, 2012 at 7:41 PM said...

You do look amazing! I agree that you should wear the necklace with your outfit! : )

Excited about that salon, as well. I've been looking for a place closer to home, that still gives me the feeling of the salon I typically go to... that is forever and ever away.


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