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Ok, no judgement please, but I've been watching a lot of X Factor and I cannot help but gravitate towards Demi Lovato to see what she's got going on.  I'm digging her blonde rocker glam looks and keep thinking how bad she makes Britney Spears look!  I never paid any attention to Demi before, so when I look forward to seeing her fashion on the show, I had to make it my monthly obsession love.

Here's Demi glammed up before her latest blonde and neon tipped makeover.  I adore her dress from the color, to the draping, to the material.  Gorgeous!

Then, she went blonde and straight.  
I'm loving this interesting not-too-sweet white dress with I believe an extremely long necklace down the front.  That necklace sure adds a lot to the dress!

Next, for X Factor, she upped the makeup with big wing-tipped/cat eye liner, almost-too-perfect eyebrows, and tight up-dos.   Some people find her makeup too "painted", but I've enjoyed seeing her go bold and looking so confident.  She glows with that beautiful smooth skin! Her go to show style: graphic dress topped with a funky jacket, a combination that suits her new look!  I like the bright green color of her dress with the zippered neckline and swirls of black to make it more rocker.  That leather jacket looks pretty great with it too!  And her hair - so sleek without a hair out of place.

Here comes Demi with neon streaked hair ends.  First up, are her blue tips!  Yes, this is another bun, but I am super jealous and wanting that soft wave she's got at her crown.  How do you get that volume and body??!  I also like the softness of her blue wrapped around her soft blonde locks.  She's rocking some fun arrowhead or triangle earrings andI like the combo of the green military jacket with a soft cream romper and heels.  I do think the waist is a bit too high or the shorts are too long, but still a nice combination and something worth trying yourself!  (the jacket reminds me of my green vest, so this look was put in my mental notes)

Ok, you all know I love black and white and I'm loving the cut of her skirt and pattern on her top.  It's a bit leather cowgirl!  Such great bounce and that brown belt with the scallops is too fun!  Again, some great volume in her hair, this time with a blue fishtail braid.  

This look has a fun retro twist happening, but I'm not a fan of that random half pony in the back.  Another fun colored dress, with a lace and scalloped edge pattern, topped with a quarter sleeved leather jacket.  

Here, Demi went with a bright pink lip color, something her tender age of 20 allows.  She's wearing a body hugging dress this time with a rocker vest and a fun pointy necklace. (Don't you just love my proper style jargon?  I know nothing!)  This look, sitting next to Britney, made poor Britney look old =/. 

Ok, this one was a bit crazy, but it looked great on TV as she sat at the judges' table.  A simple black dress, with a bit of brassier showing,  provided a great foundation piece for her eye-catching tiered cardigan.  

I love the graphic print of this next dress!  The colors are fabulous, I can't stop looking at it, and what a fun little wrap that's incorporated with it.  It looks like it crosses her body and falls to the floor, held tight by a shiny rope belt.  I would totally wear that dress!

Ok, yay, no more tight buns in these next few looks!  I like her with her hair long and loose.  This is a sweet around town look.  I'm digging the shoes/wedges/booties/ whatever they're called.  

Here are some pre-makeover looks, and after finding these, I realize I like her dark soft hair so much better!  But I commend her for experimenting and having fun!  These glitter-fied pants look fun to rock and I happen to like the crochet/fishnet type top.  Those big loose caramel waves are too amazing!

Ok, blazer alert!  Not only does a red blazer look great, but this cobalt blue one with piping on the pockets, buttons along the undersides of the sleeves and a tuxedo collar (?) looks really awesome!  So awesome, you just layer it on top of a tshirt and shredded jeans and you're ready to roll!

This is a bit more made up look; I like the dark black with the great blouse underneath.  A fab neutral way to look pulled together.
above imgs

Here's a comfy way to look rocker chic:  Black leggings, a cozy scarf, leather jacket and a pleasant blouse look incredible with her crossbody bag.
In Demi's newest music video, she goes a bit more relaxed and natural and I'm absolutely loving how great she looks.  Big voluminous locks and soft makeup shows off her adorable freckles and pretty brown eyes.   The girl has freckles!!!  Show off those little suckers - I love freckles!  You can watch the video to see what I mean.

I completely didn't ever think I would pay Demi more than two minutes of my time, but she has been a fun monthly love to obsess over!  


Kerry at: October 1, 2012 at 7:09 PM said...

I didn't watch X Factor before, but Britney drew me in this season. However, it's Demi that'll keep me coming back. She's so confident, and her style is just too fun! I totally agree that B looks so old next to Demi! I love your style breakdown on each of her looks. I think she looks fabulous, and am especially fond of her strength after how open she's been about all she's been through. xoxo

Maigen at: October 3, 2012 at 8:12 AM said...

Wow, fun rocker style! My faves are the first, glammed up look and the wrap dress with the long drapey thing in front in the pic with the other judges. And, yes, you should wear that dress; you would totally rock that dress!!

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