My Perfect Apartment: May She R.I.P.

I have been dying to post these photos since our lovely and talented Isabel took them, many, many moons ago!  I was going to try to make an online magazine, but, knowing me, and that if I stick to that plan,  I will probably never post them, I decided to just do it

{The sad, sad news is: I just moved out of this apartment to a lesser apartment, in order to save for a down-payment on a townhouse.  So, this is more of a eulogy-- or, "eugoogely," for you "Zoolander" fans!}

I will show you the magazine cover I designed!
We came up with interview questions to answer about our homes {I can't wait to see a tour of Kerry's townhouse & Isabel's house}!  Here goes {you'll recognize cute little Kerry in a couple of the pics below}:

LCDF: What hand-me-down or gift {or both} do you love the most in your home?   MH: I am borrowing my mom’s oil painting until she asks for it back (or for-ev-er)!  She painted it of my sisters and me in a field near the lake next to our house when we were kids.   Oh, and also, her Wassily chairs.  They are my furniture crush.
Bedroom dresser {painting} / living room {Wassily}
More living room & kitchen shots
LCDF: Do you have a favorite vignette in your home?  What is it and why? MH: My little office nook… I got the corner desk at an antique store when I was in college.  It was really “shabby chic,” with cream paint that was washed with a brown-ish glaze and patches of the wood showing through.  Not really my style anymore, so I spray-painted it high-gloss orange and I LOOOVE it now!  The lamp chrome there is one of my favorite accessories, my red lucite chairs remind me of jolly ranchers, and I am obsessed with my lambskin rug!
Display from metal shelves {pic with dad & his old cameras}

Display from metal shelves {I got this "Keep Calm and Carry On" tray before the obnoxious explosion on Pinterest!} including Anthro fedora, old trunk, and antique hatbox
LCDF: What are your top 5 fave design aesthetics &/or themes?  MH: Oh, no way can I choose 5!!  Nailheads, leather/furs, bamboo/cane, metallics, high-gloss lacquer, animal print, saturated colors, mid-century modern, animals, glass, acrylic furniture, bold wallpaper, glossy walls, grass-cloth, monograms, nautical... I could go on all day!
Mid-century modern & acrylic in the living room / animals in the bathroom
LCDF: What is your next project/design plan?  MH: Replace the tv stand {or IKEA coffee table} in the living room with a mid-century modern dresser my friend found in somebody’s trash {I’m going to re-finish it}.  CHECK!
Click here for the new console DIY; here for the final result!
LCDF: Do you have a favorite interior designer?  Who & why?  MH: Kelly Wearstler, because when I found her stuff, I thought to myself, “we have the exact same taste.”  Is that egotistical?  To like someone because they remind you of YOU?  Heehee…  {Although, I was a little less enchanted when I learned she was the "Playmate of the Month" once.  Grody.  In that way, we are very different, and not just because I'm fluffy.  It's something to do with posing, well, umm, naked as a jaybird.}

Scenes from my living room area...

LCDF:  What magazine would you most want your home featured in and why? MH: ‘Veranda.’  It’s the most beautiful magazine.  Everything in it seems so timeless.   Or ‘D Home.’  I seriously  love ‘D Home.’  Plus, it’s local!

Bookcase styling and living room shots...

LCDF: What is your favorite piece of furniture &/or accessory?  MH: Right now, my orange “coral” lamp, in my bedroom.  It’s quirky and bold and I got it for a steal at Home Goods but it looks really expensive (our little secret) ;)
LCDF: What stores you would say furnished the majority of your furniture/decor?  Is there a store you WISH furnished the majority of your home?  MH: West Elm, random vintage shops, Anthro, ZGallerie, Overstock & Home Goods, which I love…  I wish:, cb2, Antiques Moderne in Dallas.
Hall between bedroom and bathroom / view into bedroom

picture by my little sister Meredith {when she was a kid} on wall going out of bedroom
 / view from bed to bath

soapdish for fave earrings next to bathroom sink
LCDF: If you had to decorate your entire home with only one color scheme, what would it be? MH: Hmm… That is actually really difficult.  Probably navy and white.  Classic.  Crisp.  Gorgeous.  I never get sick of it.  Plus, you can add in all kinds of accessories and they will look great!  {Navy and white room here.}
LCDF: If your house were a person, what outfit would he/she be wearing?   
MH: She would be wearing a super-sleek orange dress with a cozy black cashmere cardi, a silk scarf {turban}, snake-skin flats, MAJOR metallic statement earrings , sassy sunglasses and carrying a luxurious cream leather bag.  Classic, glamorous, dressed-up, and with a bit of funkiness.
Dress / Manolo Blahnik Open-Toe Snake Flat / Cashmere Cardi / Anthro Astoria earrings are huge and a little bit vintage! / MARC BY Marc Jacobs Satchel / Nordstrom “Flower Box” Scarf in mocha / Prada sunnies in gold/olive brown gradient
LCDF: Your previous style was described as "French Country" in your last apartment.  What brought about the drastic change, and how did you get yourself from point A to point B?  Please share your steps for somebody to define their own style and to accomplish it!  MH: I guess I just got kind of sick of the french country thing.  I still like it, but I realized that my fashion style was much more modern and funky, and perhaps my home decor didn't reflect my real taste, if that makes sense!  One way to really define your style is to browse lots of magazines or on-line sites, and choose your favorite looks.  Then, see what these things have in common.  Are they all modern?  Are the very traditional?  Is there a certain color palette that you are consistently drawn to?  One great tool for this type of project is Pinterest.  You will see lots of different styles and will, fairly quickly, narrow down what you like and dis-like!

LCDF: Where did some of your unique pieces come from?  Like your glass table, bar stools, red lucite chairs, etc.  MH: The glass table I found {after many sessions} searching craigslist and ebay {I knew I wanted something vintage, and either glass or acrylic.  The apartment was so small, I didn't want the coffee table to have any visual weight}.  The bar stools were a great deal on overstock {I had seen several just like them in upscale furniture shops, and was delighted to find these for less than half price}!  The red lucite chairs were another great overstock find.  My favorite unique piece is the orange circles painting in the kitchen across from the island.  It was always in my grandparents' home, and when my grandmother moved to a retirement community, I was lucky enough to keep it!   
You can see the orange circles to the right in this picture!
 What style is your home?  Do you have a favorite color scheme?


Kerry at: September 9, 2012 at 5:10 PM said...

Gorgeous apartment, may she R.I.P. Now onto new spaces to decorate and add your talent to!

I like that my bag makes a lot of appearances; she looks good in there!

Gorgeous photos, Iz, as always.


Lilly at: September 10, 2012 at 3:26 PM said...

gahhh I am so obsessed with this blog, it is not even right. I am so glad you had Isabel take such gorgeous photos of your apartment - it is something I had been on the fence about doing for our home but really see the value now in archiving it! Love all your special touches, you have such a great eye for detail.


Maigen at: September 10, 2012 at 8:12 PM said...

Aww, thanks, Kerry, I already miss it! About your bag, I know! I'm going to have to give her a caption! Love it! ;)

Lilly, thanks so much! And yes, Isabel is super-talented! All the pics I take end up looking so sad, now that I have these! I can't wait to see the pics of your home! :)


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