So, George Michael wasn't there...

I went to a press preview of MTV's RE:DEFINE art exhibition {which will be auctioned off, 100% of the proceeds to benefit the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, which is dedicated to HIV and AIDS awareness, education, and prevention} last week at the super-sweet warehouse-style gallery of the Goss Michael Foundation in Dallas. 
Sweet neon LCD portraits of Goss & Michael, by Michael Craig-Martin
It was really awesome!  I wanted to take several of the art pieces home.  The curators {The Future Tense} of the exhibit gave us tours and, frankly, they could have been talking about acid indigestion, for all I care. 
Curator-guided tour.  The lights hadn't arrived yet, so the exhibit will look even better now!
Their british accents made everything sound even cooler than it already was!  Really, why wasn't I raised with a british accent {although, couldn't give up the good ol' USA}? 
I have considered really studying up, maybe even getting an accent coach {you just know they exist, don't you?  What kind of posh gig is that?} and then moving somewhere new and just starting out british there.  You know?  Just fake 'em all out, because then not only do I seem so much cooler, but I would get to hear my british accent all day...  But, I digress.
Loved this sculpture by Charming Baker.  Also love that his name is Charming.  "All I Want is Love, Attention, and Permission to Fail (black)"
The main disappointment of the day was that I had half-heartedly convinced myself that since George Michael {THE love of my elementary school life, aside from Jake from "Sixteen Candles", and I mean the George Michael of the "Faith" video.  Ripped jeans, leather jacket, sexy stubble, those shades!  I still get a little worked up...} is the "Michael" in "Goss Michael," he might just be lackadaisically be hanging around the building, eating grapes and wearing white linen and bare feet {don't ask why, in my mind, he morphed into some sort of greek-god-type thing}. 

 But, no.  My 80's lover was no where to be seen, and I proceeded to dwell on the OTHER problem: my feet!  I had worn these really cute royal blue suede, round-toed pumps with this cute dress,
my black pearl studs {seen here}, a black bag that I got in Firenze, and my red lips {It was all I could do to refrain from slapping my grey leopard-print scarf on my head and turban-ing it up!  But, I figured, ART. I decided to go as Less Joan Collins, more Audrey H.} 

Anywho, by about the second piece of art on the tour {I had already been there a while, browsing around by myself} out of several, I was "subtly" shifting from foot to foot to keep from crying, or possibly passing out, from the pain.  {I'm serious, I saw stars at one point.} 
Awesome, HUGE photo of real people swimming in a Japanese hot-spring, "Summerland III, Tokyo" by Ralf Kaspers

I have to admit, the advent of the popularity of flats has been wonderful for me.  Heels and I have never really gotten along.  Even though I have been a "high heels girl" for years, and used to wear them all the time, now I rarely do {even though my closet is stocked to the ceiling with lots of beautiful 4-inchers}, and I do relish the not-wearing of heels.  Now that I rarely wear them, it is all the more brutal when I do.  Because my resistance has been worn away.   And quite possibly, so have the callouses I never knew I had that kept the balls of my feet protected.  {I don't remember having hard man-feet, but nothing else makes sense.}

I literally CAN'T do it anymore.  Which is also good news to my pocketbook {says the octogenarian}.  Because I had made up my mind to save up for those Chanels {and been scolded by my much somewhat more practical sister, G}.  But, what's the point now?  I know I will hate to wear them and therefore, will have wasted my money.  Even though I would look so much more amazing than I ever have looked in those bad boys.

Okay, back to the art!  The auction will be Saturday, Sept. 22nd, with drinks and a gourmet buffet at 7 and the auction beginning at 8:45.  For tickets, visit: The auctioneer will be the fabulous Simon De Pury, who is supposed to put on quite a show.  It should definitely be a very glamorous evening!

This is one I would definitely like to put in my apartment.  Love it!  By Michael Craig-Martin.  "Untitled (workfork)"
The artists that have contributed {pro bono} pieces are all young, up-and-coming, or just plain hip, and more established.  The art was so diverse.   I was wishing I had some money sitting around to invest in some art! 
I neeeeeed these giant pieces {"Sycamore Seed" & "Wild Flower"} by Kal and Sunny.  They are actually covered in diamond dust, and sparkle at certain angles.  Diamonds are a girl's best friend, after all!
The full catalogue with details of all the pieces can be found at:  This is totally worth checking out.
This piece by Tom Leighton totally reminds me of "Blade Runner."  It's really dark and intense.  "Beijing Canopy II"
RE:DEFINE is open to the public this week through Sept. 21.  Another rad thing is that one of the contributing artists, Lee Baker, is building a huge art installation in downtown Dallas, across from the Joule Hotel.  He is working on it all week, and I can't wait to see it!  This is probably the thing I am most excited about!  He has a really unique style, see:
"Tsunami Claims Meta City"
If you have time, stop by to check out the exhibit at the Goss Michael Foundation!  It is really great. 
Just.  Awesome.  This is by Matt Mignanelli.  It's gloss and matte black enamel on canvas.  "Supremacy II"
Be warned, when you go into the second room, you will see "St Sebastian."  If you are sensitive about animals and love, love, love them, you probably don't want to see.  It's pretty disturbing.  {I was assured that he did not die in the way the installation depicts.}  Click here if you want to see it, but first, just know it really hurt my feelings. 

I scattered my favorite pieces from the RE:DEFINE exhibit throughout this post, but you should go and pick out your faves! 
Amazing piece!  I know I don't look all that multi-cultural, but I am pretty darn Native American {my great-grandmom is 100%} and I think this is just beautiful.  "Warrior III" by Dave White.

Which piece in this little post did you like the best?


Kerry at: September 26, 2012 at 9:27 AM said...

Amazing art and awesome experience! Sad I was out of town for the event! xoxo

Kerry at: September 26, 2012 at 9:28 AM said...

And I LOVE that Native American piece!

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