Style That Item: M's West Elm Dresser


Like Maigen, I have loved the wood tiled pieces from West Elm and am beyond excited that she will soon have it in her home to stare at all night long!  She is planning to use it in her bedroom as a dresser/tv stand for now, but she is also excited about the versatility this piece will give her!  Kerry showed some fun ways to style it for the bedroom, Maigen looked to the future and used it in a living room, and I couldn't stop thinking of its possibilities so I'm using it as a nightstand, a dresser, and a living room piece!

Maigen already has some amazing nightstands like her DIY silver leaf one, and a fun woven trunk that imbues a relaxed, textural mood.  If she's ever looking for a change or wants to add some height to one side of her bed, she can use her West Elm dresser as a nightstand.  A small porthole mirror, a carafe and glass for bedtime thirsties, her bright coral lamp and some art/accessories and she can create a killer visual feast!

nighty night

Here's the breakdown for the nightstand with a few alternatives for her to choose from!
style it up

1. West Elm Portico Mirror / 2. Hanging Porthole Mirror / 3. West Elm Twig Mirror  / 4. RECYCLED CARAFE AND GLASS / 5.Rumana Seahorse 2 Framed Print / 6. Royal VKB French Carafe Gift Set / 7. Turtle Box / 8. Colored Stripe Lacquer Boxes

In the meantime, though I'm sad to see her old dresser get the boot, using the dresser in her neutral calming bedroom will add a focal point for some art and entertainment.  I'm with Kerry about mounting the TV so that she can use the surface for jewelry and decorative display.  I like to use stacks of books, M uses beautiful trays to catch her rings and bracelets and having that top free will give her more options.  M also has some great architecture photos from her travels and I thought continuing that in the bedroom would give that wall some more presence alongside what she already has.  In her last apartment, she hung a pretty picture light and she can use it again here or elsewhere.  Adding a warm and soft cowhide could tie in that space between the bed and dresser and hanging these mini jute pendants either in a corner or over her nightstands would add another textural element.  
monochrome texture

West Elm Wood Tiled 6-Drawer Dresser / Neiman Marcus Mini Jute Pendant / Z Gallerie Rio Cowhide Rug / IKEA Koldby cowhide/ Etsy Ferris Wheel print / Wisteria Hanging Porthole Mirror / Dwell Studio Tilted Cube Sculpture / Etsy Breakfast in Paris: Coffee and Croissant / Urban Outfitters Boudoir Vanity Tray / Pinterest France Paris Louvre Blue

This might be sacrilegious, but I think the dresser would look really stunning with the addition of a top like warm wood or glossy mirror.  M's already a pro at adding mirrored tops and a wooden top could give her pretty dresser a touch of individuality.  But for now, just enjoy your new purchase as is!


Lastly, I am BlOWN away by Maigen's STUNNING mood board and I found myself chuckling because I also intended to use the dresser as a console.  Then I laughed even more at her comment about not meaning to copy Kerry because I don't mean to copy Maigen!  Sometimes, our shared love of places like West Elm and the likes ends up with us putting similar items in our posts and it's validating!  (and filled a bit with "Oh *bleep*, this looks a lot like so and so's! oops!"

For this living room, I am haunted by a room that I repinned from Maigen filled with deep grounding blacks, caramels, metallic touches and a deep green velvety couch.  I LOVE this room!  Take a look!

Here's my interpretation: Nate Berkus used to have his loveseat covered with this luxurious green fabric and M can possibly put two of them side by side for a long sofa option.  She'll have no problem choosing the right pillows for it with her impeccable taste!  If she tires of her great glass coffee table, she can use these golden nesting tables topped with metallic ceramic books and a gold clam shell.  The ceramic white elephant and Urban Outfitter's accordion side table are perfect places to set down a drink or book and a modern T-back chair covered in this pretty tomato red adds a pop of color!  M loves fashion (we went to FNO last night - yippee!) and I think she should bring in some fashion prints as part of her art collection!

green velvet

Ethan Allen Rain Song Ii art print 
Z Gallerie Palm Leaf Panel 2 - White 
Dunelm-Mill Flock of Metal Flying Birds Wall Art 
Z Gallerie Tribute to Tiffany fashion print
Z Gallerie Brooklyn Bridge print 
Z Gallerie Couture October 1968 

West Elm Wood Tiled 6-Drawer Dresser 
Z Gallerie Astair Nesting Tables - Gold 
Urban Outfitters Metal Accordion Side Table
Jonathan Adler Addison Side Chair
Nate Berkus Green Velvet Upholstery Fabric Curbly

West Elm Ironwork Flocked Window Panel 
Z Gallerie Ceramic Elephant - White  - if she can find a larger one, she can use it on the floor as a book stand!
Zinc Door Horn Round Mirror 
Zinc Door Arteriors Auburn Antique Brass Chandelier 
Z Gallerie Destination Boxes - New York & Paris Set of 4 - boxes to store your travel mementos!
Z Gallerie Atlantis Clam Shell - Gold 
Z Gallerie Ludlow Throw - Winter White 
Z Gallerie Tic Tac Toe Game - Black & Silver 
Z Gallerie Ceramic Books - Silver Set of 8

What are some other creative multi functional ways you would use her dresser?


Kerry at: September 8, 2012 at 9:30 AM said...

Gorgeous, Iz! So thoughtful and detailed, as always! I love your rendition of that gorgeous, masculine room! Inspiring! xoxo K

Maigen at: September 8, 2012 at 6:32 PM said...

I love all your ideas, but the one from that amazing inspiration room is my fave!! I fo love that room, and your rendition of it! What gorgeous colors, especially that GREEN, and inspired pieces! It's so funny, those ZGallerie nesting tables have been on my list for a long time in silver, and just YESTERDAY I was in Z G and dsw the gold and totally changed to that on my list!! You're psychic!

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