My Civic Duty


I early-voted last week.  Felt pretty good about it.  It was freaking cold and windy and I stood in a loooong line outside waiting to get into the fire station where the polling booths were. 
After I voted, I walked out, humming "Hail to the Chief."  In my head, though, were the words from this old movie, "My Fellow Americans."  Just over and over. 
I don't even remember this movie.  But, I have always remembered James Garner's version of the song and will probably never hear it without thinking of these lyrics!  Crazy what the mind retains!  I can't remember birthdays, my SAT score, or even what I had for breakfast yesterday.  Maybe what I DO remember is in direct correlation with its awesomeness.  Which would make sense, in this example!

Half-Bathroom Makeover Update {Kerry's Monthly DIY Challenge}

Remember this? Well, I'm back to update you with the almost-finished result and a little easy-peasy DIY art project!

Here's what I've added to our half-bath thus far; and yes, there is definitely still some tweaking to be done. And I apologize in advance for my crummy photos.

My deer has found a new home in our half-bath. I really like him in there. I also added some DIY art {which I'll be sharing in more detail further along in this post}, and a tray with some accessories. I'm not so sure about that negative space between the deer and the tray accessories. I think I want to create some more DIY art, perhaps something like this? I'm pretty obsessed with Jen Ramos' paintings right now, but they're all sold out online so I might just have to give it a good old DIY try.

I'm not 100% sure I want to keep this towel from Anthropologie, so it's hanging there as a visual while I make my decision {remember that I'm super indecisive}, hence the price tag still being attached. I'm not sure if I want one with more color or not. Dalles thinks the creams are perfect since the walls bring all the color one could ever desire. What do you think? I found this cute soap pump at Target on sale a few weeks ago, and I love the shape and slightly-tinted glass. This rug was a steal of a deal: just $12 at World Market! Holla!
TOWEL // SOAP DISPENSER {Target; available in stores} //  RUG 

I found this tray at The Container Store after realizing that my initial tray intention was just way too big. I wanted to be sure it would be able to stay in its spot without sliding off {the toilet top surface is curved, so the tray doesn't exactly sit flat on it}, so I added some Command strips. They're the kind used for hanging posters on a wall, but they seem to be working well on the tray. Now this baby isn't going anywhere without a forceful pull. Thanks, Command!

Now the really fun part... accessories! I was able to score the trophy vase on sale at Target. I added a cute little succulent to it, selected by Dalles. I think that little guy looks pretty perfect in there. The Hot Buttered Rum candle smells so decadent and delicious; I seriously want to eat it. It came with those adorable owl matches, thanks to good old Anthro genius and whimsy. I decided to place it in a square glass vase that I already had on hand. I wanted to give the candle some additional height, so into the pantry my wandering eyes browsed. I decided that dry quinoa was a great filler and height-granter. I kind of love it. A lot.
TROPHY VASE {no longer available online, but on clearance in stores} // CANDLE

Now it's DIY art time! My original inspiration was this. I actually made one very similar to it using a cut-up potato as my paint tool {major preschool art-time moment at my house}, but I wasn't in love with it. So back to the drawing painting board I went. I started my creation on my own, totally winging it, and as I was stamping my dots I remembered this gorgeous {and rather pricey-yikes!} painting from Dwell Studio. I looked it up to have a visual, and it gave me some further guidance and inspiration.

Here are the supplies that I used...
BRUSHES {I bought a pack similar to this, but with all sponge brushes; I can't find the exact one online} // PAINT // and yes, I'm super cheap and created my art on regular old poster board. Classy.

And here's my finished product. I'm actually really happy with it, and also really bummed that I can't get a good enough angle on it due awkward lighting {since our half-bath is so small that I have to photograph it at weird angles to get all of it in one shot}. I love that the dots aren't perfectly round, and that they have a nice texture; not at all sponge looking due to loading up my round sponge brushes with excessive amounts of paint. I think this creation looks a lot classier and more expensive than it's cheapy-cheap origins of poster board, craft paint, and sponge brushes.

So that's the half of it for now! I'll be sure to update again once it's really, finally, 100% completed.

PS: Thoughts and prayers to those of you on the East Coast. Stay safe!

Friday Night Lights

There's nothing quite like Friday night high school football games in Texas.

There's also nothing quite like Allen High School's new stadium.

And now that the temperatures are cool and bearable in these parts, Dalles and I attended our very first game at my alma mater's new state-of-the-art stadium a few Fridays ago. Cue roaring crowds, tasty nachos topped with jalapeƱos, and full-on nostalgia.

Which is precisely why I had to don school colors. Go Big Blue!

BLAZER {also seen here} // TOP // SWEATSHIRT {J.Crew Factory, old; LOVE this, this, and this alternative} // DENIM // SHOES {Report, old; alternative} // EARRINGS {Anthropologie, old; alternative}

It's true what they say: Everything's bigger in Texas. And I love it.
{Be sure to click on the photos to make them larger so you can get the full-effect.}
Above: Pre-game view from the north concourse; Below: Game-time
Your eyes aren't fooling you. This is a high school football stadium, and not a collegiate one.

A Blue Note {M's Monthly Love}

I have noticed a trend in my shopping lately.  Blue seems to be a pretty major theme in my purchases.  I mean, I always love blue, but it's getting to be a down-right obsession!

Using one of Kerry's fabulous ideas, I decided to do an "I have, I want, I wish" post!  So, here are my blues...
1. a nice nautical blazer to transition into fall {it's cream and navy, not bright white} 2. a rad leather-bound edition of "Great Expectations" 3. the BEST candle 4. midnight blue cream eyeliner 5. the bubble necklace  6.L'oreal navy nail polish in "after hours" 7. comfy Gap tee      8. cords 9. Target navy flats 10. Aldo blue velvet flats with a little blingy gold
Here are some pieces that have me wanting to paint a blue streak...  In the mall, that is.
1. A perfect layering blouse is essential  2. Love the draping of this Anthro dress  3. I have had my heart set on this Rebecca Minkoff benjamins wallet  since I saw it on pinterest forever ago.  Sadly, though, the navy seems to be unavailable... I will keep searching, or I may have to settle for dark teal or burgundy {still CUTE}!  4. bracelet  5. blazer  6. sweater dress
7. I was thinking to myself recently that I really wanted a nice navy leather bag, and literally the next day, I got an email about the new, gorgeous navy J crew bags!  It was spooky-coincidental.  Halloweeny, even!  8. I live in cozy pj pants when I'm home
These next items have got me literally... well, almost literally... singing the blues.  A girl just can't spend all her rent on one or two things.  Well, not EVERY paycheck, anyway, which is what I wish I could do!  {Don't tell any of the single fellas I said that!} ;)
1. I'm seriously digging capes in general, and this navy one in particular  2. Burberry dress      3. Really, really want this DVF fur scarf  4. Jimmy Choo snakeskin heels  5. Love this Brahmin weekend bag  {I have a Nine West version of this} 6. these Miu Miu velvet crested moccasins are too delicious in person!  7. I love this belt, which you recently also saw here, but I just have a hard time paying $160 for a belt.  Even though this baby is rockin'.
Anyway, I {clearly} love blue!  And, I was glad to use several cliche sayings in this post! 

I'm thinking navy might be a pretty cool jumping-off point for some of my favored neon accessories this fall, too!

What colors are you gravitating toward lately? 

{An aside: did you see the cute little "M" that Kerry made for my boards?!  Thanks, K, I love it!  So much better than the science-nerd hexagon I made for the Arts Night Out post!  An aside inside an aside: Not that there's anything wrong with science-nerds.  I always was one in high school.  I was in classes with these two geniuses who always wore their Nine Inch Nails tee-shirts every time they had a physics test.  I certainly wasn't a genius like them, but I often supervised their how-many-Altoids-can-you-stand-in-your-mouth-at-one-time competitions.  I would have majored in molecular biology in college if it didn't require so much math.  I love it.  I still read science-nerd books about virology and stuff a lot.  See?  Nerd.  What type of nerd are you?  Or, were you "too cool for school, Walter Kronkite?"  Ten points to the person who knows what movie that's from.  Doesn't count if you're my relative, though, because it goes without saying that you will know the answer.}

Chihuly Nights {Kerry's Monthly Love}


Dalles and I attended Chihuly Nights at the Dallas Arboretum this past Thursday evening, and it was stunning
Foreground: Neodymium Reeds and Mirrored Hornets; Background: Scarlet Asymmetrical Tower and Yellow Asymmetrical Tower :: This was by far my very favorite installment.
I've long been a fan of Dale Chihuly's work. I first became acquainted with him because of his gorgeous glass installment at the Dallas Museum of Art. It's always been my favorite part of the museum; a stunning view to bid you farewell. So when I heard that his glass sculptures were making their way to the Dallas Arboretum, and that they were going to be illuminated at night, I knew Dalles and I had to go see the beauties ourselves. I bought tickets back in July and decided then that late October would be the best time to go so that we could enjoy cooler temps. And that we did, y'all! A cold-front blew in Thursday afternoon, dropping thermometers to read in the low 50s. It was perfect! I also opted to get tickets for a Thursday night so that we could also enjoy their concert series, and the Dallas Wind Symphony definitely added to the ambiance as we strolled from sculpture to sculpture. 

Here are a few of my favorites...
Float Boat and Carnival Boat

Persian Pond

The Sun

Blue Fiddleheads

Ruby Fiddleheads

Dallas Star

Yellow Icicle Tower

Mexican Hat Tower
Unfortunately Chihuly Nights is sold out, but you can still see the sculptures during the day. It's only happening until November 5, so go see it before time runs out! POST EDIT: Thanks to Lilly for alerting me that they've extended Chihuly Nights through December! Holla! Now go buy your tickets and see it!

And this is totally-unplanned-perfect-timing with this week's What to Wear... Where? post that we participated in that focused on Arts Night Out ensemble ideas. Since it was cold and drizzly and we were doing a lot of walking, I wasn't exactly a fashion sight to behold... but thankfully my outfit kept me comfortable and warm.

SWEATER {J.Crew, old; alternative} // TOP {Nordstrom, old} // SCARF {J.Crew Factory, old; alternative} // DENIM {AG Stevie, old; alternative} // BOOTS

Hope everyone is enjoying the last weekend of October!

Pretty, Pretty PRINTcess

I have never dreamed of being an actual princess, but I have always wanted to be a printcess. You know, the kind of gal that mixes prints with a genius-level ease. And while I definitely have a long way to go before achieving royal status in that department, I always find that J.Crew and Anthropologie are grand starting points for me to continue my printcess training.

Here are my favorite prints of the moment, any of which when mixed with other prints, can turn you into a Pretty, Pretty Printcess!

:: Clockwise from top left ::

Before I give you my elbow-elbow-wrist-wrist wave goodbye from my horse-drawn carriage, I must tell you that I really, really want to wear the Janey Snakeskin Flats with the Abigail Blouse and these pants {also seen paired with the Fair Isle Ski Sweater above}. And I want to wear the 2-Tone Waffle Cardi with the Cross-Hatched Ruffled Skirt. I'd also wear the cardi atop the Abigail Blouse. And last but not least, I want to wear the Fair Isle Ski Sweater with the Etta Glitter Tweed Pumps.

And then I will live happily ever after.
The End.

PS: Did you ever play the game Pretty, Pretty Princess growing up?

Slowly but surely...

Yes, yes, I know!  I have been in my new apartment for what feels like FOR.EV.ER.  And, I should have been all unpacked and living the glamorous life I am used to living for a while now.

But, it was only last night that I managed to get all my storage furniture and boxes into my new garage {thanks to some very nice family & church volunteers}!  My back problem really excluded too much lifting on my part, which is why I've been living with boxes up to my eyeballs since, ahem, August.  It's embarrassing. 

Finally, I am able to breathe!  Now, I can really unpack and get settled.
Yes, I need to do something with those cords!  Oops!  I hate that!  And, I should have turned off  "Law & Order" and turned on my silver lamp.  But, I am a non-pro photog, so this is what you get, for now! ;)  Anyway, ignore all that!  How PRETTY is this dresser?!
My West Elm dresser {which, yes, we have talked about a lot-- here, here, here & here} is finally in its place!  And, I think, it is styled the way I want it.  For now.  I do think I'm going to mount the tv on the wall at some point, so that I can add some books or something to the dresser top.

It's a lot smaller than my other dresser {which pretty much took up the whole length of the alcove}.  I'm thinking it's okay, if I can just tuck away the cords and the cable box/dvd player. 

Or, would you move it all the way to one side and put something next to it {big vase, pedestal, plant, or something else}?  

What's your suggestion?   

To Cleave or Not to Cleave

I was at Aldo, trying to decide between two pairs of zebra-print pony flats.  One was more of a low-cut version of a loafer, and one was a real smoking-slipper style loafer.

Flat / Loafer
I was asking the cutie-patootie sales kid which one he liked better, and he chose the loafers, pointing out "they don't shoe any toe cleavage, which is much better..."

I said "really?!  I love toe-cleavage!"  So, the question is, toe-cleavage or no toe-cleavage?  I personally like quite a bit of TC.  Way more than the flats above show.  I like a low-cut shoe! 

One of my co-workers was just saying a couple of weeks ago that she prefers shoes that don't show toe-cleavage, so I'm wondering if I'm in the minority here.  In my recent conversations, anyway, it's 2 to 1** in favor of no-toe-cleavage.

**However, in writing this blog, I remembered seeing Molly at Anthromollogies talking about this last month, and she's all for it {she has great taste, too, y'all should check out her blog when you have a sec}!

What say ye?

Art Night Out {What to Wear... Where?}

Many thanks to blogger friend Lilly for reaching out and extending a personal invite {she knows how to make us femmes feel gosh darn special} to participate in this edition of What to Wear... Where!

This week focuses on Art Night Out - those sleek ensembles most perfect for gallery, museum, or theatre nights. Oooh, la la!

Here are our takes!

So, in looking for pieces for my looks, I stumbled across these two looks on  Both were so perfect, I decided to just leave them alone.  These aren't my only contribution, but I would love to wear either to an art gallery, play or anywhere fabulous, really!
left  / right

I mean, perfect.  Right?!

On to some original stuff, though...

I like this mixed media dress and wanted to make it really glitzy and funky with jewelry.  In case it gets chilly, a big, cozy boyfriend sweater is a touch of casual and brings in the irony that I always crave!
   cardi / wide leopard bracelet /  thin leopard bracelet / necklace / dress / clutch / metallic flats / Dying over this belt

The next look is dressier, for the opera or a play.  I love the fishbone earrings with this super-shiny dress!  The ladylike coat knocks down the drama a bit for rubbing elbows with beau monde grannies in the theater lobby.
coat / earrings / In LOVE with this clutch / sequined striped dress / I always like a choice of shoe.  Either these hot, hot booties or some more practical flats 

This last look is a little less dressy, and would work at an art gallery opening or at a concert {and I don't mean Justin Bieber}!  I couldn't choose a pair of pants.  I like all three, and any of them would look awesome with this look!
goldened clutch / asymmetrical top / pave' heart necklace / coated skinny jeans in blackberry / metallic snakeskin print skinny jeans / metallic jeans / Incredible fur boots / My latest obsession is this MAJOR statement bracelet 

I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with for this fabulous challenge! 



Hearing Art Night Out my mind instantly generated the words black, leather, sparkle, edgy, sleek, modern, and the like. You'll notice that my first two looks capitalize big time on those words, but I challenged myself to do something a little bit different for my final look. I also love the premise of this edition of What to Wear... Where?, as I am about to attend Chihuly Nights {definitely a very, very casual Art Night Out ensemble is in store}, and will be posting what I wore sometime soon.

My instant go-to was DVF. I knew that I could easily find many options that could assist me in creating a look that was perfect for an Art Night Out. While I always gravitate toward her wrap dresses, something different caught my eye this time. This gorgeous sequin sweater dress was it, and aside from making grabby hands at it and pondering how to convince my husband that I needed to add it to my closet now, I knew that I had to use it as an element in my looks. For this first variation, I pair the dress with some opaque tights and black suede pumps. I adore this Rebecca Minkoff bag; it feels tough and timeless, and keeps your hands free to grab any hors d'oeuvres or cocktails {though it would be a mock-tail for moi} that come your way. I love the juxtaposition of the feminine sparkle and masculine spear shape of the ring. Scrunch up those sleeves to show off those bracelets, wear your hair in a sassy topknot, and finish the look with my beloved stud-earring favorite: the Kate Spade gumdrop.

ART NIGHT OUT :: with an edge

Continuing in the same vein, I decided to take many of the elements from the first look, and up the edge ante with some gorgeous leather leggings. And I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with those J.Crew gold-toed pumps. OB-SESSED, y'all. They add instant sex-appeal and edge to any look. Meow.

ART NIGHT OUT :: with even more edge

Now going in the opposite direction color palette wise, this last look brings in some lovely art deco details. My starting point was this art deco bag that I love so much; I used it in a previous look for Lilly, and since it continues to tug at my fashion heartstrings, I just had to use it again. I love the mix of colors and the sparkle, plus it's a steal, coming in at under $50. Using the clutch as my main inspiration, I pulled in mint green and light pink accessories to compliment the look. The navy jumpsuit serves as a great neutral {Rachel Zoe killed it with this piece}, allowing all of the accents to have their moments in the spotlight.

ART NIGHT OUT :: deco diva


Thanks again for the invite to participate, Lilly! We had a grand time creating our looks!

Make sure you check out Lilly's post for lots of great ideas for an Art Night Out in the DFW!

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