A Blue Note {M's Monthly Love}

I have noticed a trend in my shopping lately.  Blue seems to be a pretty major theme in my purchases.  I mean, I always love blue, but it's getting to be a down-right obsession!

Using one of Kerry's fabulous ideas, I decided to do an "I have, I want, I wish" post!  So, here are my blues...
1. a nice nautical blazer to transition into fall {it's cream and navy, not bright white} 2. a rad leather-bound edition of "Great Expectations" 3. the BEST candle 4. midnight blue cream eyeliner 5. the bubble necklace  6.L'oreal navy nail polish in "after hours" 7. comfy Gap tee      8. cords 9. Target navy flats 10. Aldo blue velvet flats with a little blingy gold
Here are some pieces that have me wanting to paint a blue streak...  In the mall, that is.
1. A perfect layering blouse is essential  2. Love the draping of this Anthro dress  3. I have had my heart set on this Rebecca Minkoff benjamins wallet  since I saw it on pinterest forever ago.  Sadly, though, the navy seems to be unavailable... I will keep searching, or I may have to settle for dark teal or burgundy {still CUTE}!  4. bracelet  5. blazer  6. sweater dress
7. I was thinking to myself recently that I really wanted a nice navy leather bag, and literally the next day, I got an email about the new, gorgeous navy J crew bags!  It was spooky-coincidental.  Halloweeny, even!  8. I live in cozy pj pants when I'm home
These next items have got me literally... well, almost literally... singing the blues.  A girl just can't spend all her rent on one or two things.  Well, not EVERY paycheck, anyway, which is what I wish I could do!  {Don't tell any of the single fellas I said that!} ;)
1. I'm seriously digging capes in general, and this navy one in particular  2. Burberry dress      3. Really, really want this DVF fur scarf  4. Jimmy Choo snakeskin heels  5. Love this Brahmin weekend bag  {I have a Nine West version of this} 6. these Miu Miu velvet crested moccasins are too delicious in person!  7. I love this belt, which you recently also saw here, but I just have a hard time paying $160 for a belt.  Even though this baby is rockin'.
Anyway, I {clearly} love blue!  And, I was glad to use several cliche sayings in this post! 

I'm thinking navy might be a pretty cool jumping-off point for some of my favored neon accessories this fall, too!

What colors are you gravitating toward lately? 

{An aside: did you see the cute little "M" that Kerry made for my boards?!  Thanks, K, I love it!  So much better than the science-nerd hexagon I made for the Arts Night Out post!  An aside inside an aside: Not that there's anything wrong with science-nerds.  I always was one in high school.  I was in classes with these two geniuses who always wore their Nine Inch Nails tee-shirts every time they had a physics test.  I certainly wasn't a genius like them, but I often supervised their how-many-Altoids-can-you-stand-in-your-mouth-at-one-time competitions.  I would have majored in molecular biology in college if it didn't require so much math.  I love it.  I still read science-nerd books about virology and stuff a lot.  See?  Nerd.  What type of nerd are you?  Or, were you "too cool for school, Walter Kronkite?"  Ten points to the person who knows what movie that's from.  Doesn't count if you're my relative, though, because it goes without saying that you will know the answer.}


Helene at: October 28, 2012 at 9:58 AM said...

ohh love love love the blue!! so pretty!

Kerry at: October 28, 2012 at 3:57 PM said...

You look awesome in blue, so keep on filling up your closet with blue items!

The Aldo tassel flats are really cute! Can't wait to see how you wear them. Great J.Crew Factory blouse in "I Want" and I want that Brahmin bag from "I Wish"!

The little *M looks really cute! Yay! xoxo

Lilly at: October 29, 2012 at 5:38 PM said...

That Anthropologie belt is like artwork for your waistline! I love it. Thanks for the eye candy replay!

I think Kermit was threatened with a future as guacamole in The Muppet Movie. I am so sorry to hear about your Muppet trauma! It gave me a good laugh!


Maigen at: November 6, 2012 at 9:14 PM said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies!

Helene- Yes! I haven't been able to stop with the blue!

K- I know, I love the *M! Thanks, lady, for making it! :)

Lilly- I know, that belt is my fave Anthro goodie of late. Now if only I could justify buying it! ...Kermit guac! Haha!


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