Creepers Jeepers Part 1

My family never celebrated Halloween due to religious reasons so I'm playing catch up in my adulthood!  Although, you would think I'd go all out and dish out the costumes and decor, but I do not.  It's probably because I have had absolutely zero practice and do not even know how to start.

Luckily, R's family LOVES Halloween!  His sister, Erica, has an annual party and she knows how to throw a PARTY!  We call her the Social Chair in the family political party, haha.  (Sheesh, how many times can I use the word "party"?!  Here's one more: "Don't be tardy to the pardy!" - Housewives of New Jersey reference, I think...) Erica, the energetic, upbeat hostess, makes sure a drink is in your hand at all times, creates ambiance, turns every party into a dance floor, and makes sure you're having fun.  Her laugh is contagious and the decor she collects shows how much fun her personality is!  

Erica begged that I retake photos of her actual party so you can all see the goodness in action!  So for now, here's a teaser of her prepping for the annual Halloween bash!

Starting in the entry... 
PeEEK a boo!  She has one hanging on her front porch to spookify her guests as they walk up and one in the living room.  
No one is safe.

Careful walking through the graveyard...

Erica added wall decals this year.  I love how it looks like bats are flying out of the mouth.
I think this guy is actually motion sensored if I remember correctly...

Check out that giant spider - Ron Weasly would be terrified.
How many people will try out the "dance pole" this year?  
The stuffed lion is part of Erica's circus Ring Master costume.  
He's so cute; I hope the Ring Master doesn't lash her whip at him too much!

Too dark, but here's her pumpkin patch in the front.

Moving towards the kitchen...
This will look awesome in the dark.  That head in the bowl - eww!

The portraits change from normal to skeletal depending on the angle.  
Hehe, wigs in a jar - clever!  These are some cute Frankensteins!

Step up to the bar area! Non-alcoholic drinkers are welcome too!
I like how Erica stuck the skulls onto some glass containers.  Instant entertaining decor and super affordable!

I love these skeleton place mats!  Perfect for creating a tray feeling and designating areas!  
Erica hangs up drink recipes for you to create throughout the night. 
See that checkmark on "Mummy Martini"?  
R decided one year that he was going to try ALL the recipes and checked them off as he went...

potions potions for a witches cauldron
another fun skull placemat!

ghostly lighting is available

The kitchen pumpkin patch.  This will be lit up for some ambient lighting.

On the buffet island, she lays out little accessories alongside the food.

I think Bloody Mary came and paid a visit.  
We had to have a Bloody Mary talk at school last week.  
Girls were getting scared and I don't blame them, even if it isn't real.  I was one of those terrified girls when I was their age!

Erica's nook is perfect for more decorating.  You can't tell, but she drops skulls or ghosts inside her tall glass containers and has a little spooky village.  At Christmas, she puts her snowy village here.

Come in and have a seat in the living room!
This looks better in person, but every nook and cranny gets a dose of whimsy!

Someone played a trick and dropped pumpkins down the chimney!
Here's another little graveyard with ghosts perched atop candleholders to guard the area.
The ravens are a simple and modern touch.

You may not believe me, but there is still more that hasn't been documented yet!

How do you get your fill of Halloween and what are you dressing up as this year?!


Helene at: October 23, 2012 at 10:54 AM said...

oh my gosh you went allllll out! that's awesome! i especially like the bloody mary hands!

Kerry at: October 23, 2012 at 2:29 PM said...

Woah. That is some holiday decorating commitment if I've ever seen it.

Bloody Mary used to (ahhh, who am I kidding, it still does) scare me, too!

Maigen at: October 24, 2012 at 6:32 PM said...

A-maz-ing! It must have taken her hours to put this together! :) How fun for a party!

I'm with Kerry, the Bloody Mary thing still scares me, too! LOL!


eliz at: October 24, 2012 at 8:33 PM said...

I never celebrated Halloween as a kid either....and now I still really don't...but decorating is always fun. :-) My favorite part of decorating is pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. :-)

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