Dressing Them Up {Halloween Costume Lookbook}

I haven't actually dressed up for Halloween in a while... But, I have seen a couple of really fabulous costumes on Pinterest that make me want to play dress up {for now and for later... or much later, ahem, prego costume!  Also, have seen so many TOO CUTE/FUNNY ideas for any future mini-me(s)}!

Check 'em out, yo!

via {This pose may be difficult to hold all night, but how creative is this?!}

via {SO funny!  Loved "Juno!"}
via {Nice, simple!}

via {FAVE Christmas movie ever!  "Fra-Gi-Le!"}

via {This movie always freaked me out!}

via {Wolf pup!}
via {This is really just wrong, but I can't not laugh!}

via {Love this for my little niece who lives in Hawaii!}
via {Eeeeeee!}
via {What an adorable idea!  Love Rainbow Brite & Tink!}
via {This is perfect!}
pinterest {The actual link didn't work.  This is too cute!}
via {This is awesome, I want the grown-up version!}

pinterest {Bad link again.  This is so clever! UP!}
Here is my fave costume of the past few years:
We went as Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" video in 2008 {that's me on the right! Don't worry, I have never worn my hair like this since! Not my best 'do ever}!
What are you going as this year?


Kerry at: October 14, 2012 at 7:21 PM said...

Cute round-up of costumes! The 'Up' grandpa is my all-time favorite, and I love little Audrey. I can't believe how talented that pop-art girl was to dot herself like that.

I remember when y'all were the Addicted to Love girls. That was so clever!

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