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Earlier this week I stumbled upon the pure genius and greatness that is Red Stamp. It's a free app that, using your iPhone // iPad // iPod Touch, allows you to email, text, tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and paper mail personalized photocards, notes, invitations, and announcements. In other words: It has changed my correspondence practices for the better... and for.evah.

Red Stamp is super easy to use. The templates are whimsical and sometimes cheeky, and there are limitless amounts of adorable options to choose from {I'm barely scratching the surface with the plethora of examples I made below}. Everything is organized really well, allowing you to find what you're looking for with the utmost ease. The difficult part is choosing just one!

You start by choosing from the following main categories {listed below}, which then offer specific sub-categories. Everything is customizable, from color to wording. Speaking of wording, the awesome-est of awesome parts is that you can select different limitation options {gender, formality, etc.} to narrow down your wording possibilities, giving you a multitude of perfectly expressed verbiage to use, and saving you some brain power in the process.

The templates are organized as follows... {I included examples for almost all of them}

// COLLECTIONS {lots of templates you can pay 99 cents to use}

// THANKS {General, Advice, Baby, Birthday, Donation, Getting Together, Graduation, Great Gift, Help, Hospitality, Kind Words, Moral Support, Teacher Appreciation, Visit}
My gorgeous niece is with me in that top right photo

// HAPPY {Anniversary, Bachelorette Party, Back to School, Baptism/Christening, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Bon Voyage, Congratulations, Engagement, Expecting, First Communion, Good Luck, Graduation, Grandparents Day, Halloween, New Baby, New Home, New Joy, Retirement, Valentine's Day, Way to Go!, Wedding/Union}

// HOLIDAYS {Halloween, New Years, Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays}
The extended Stiles family is in the Thanksgiving card & me + D are wishing you very merry winter holidays

// POP-OUT {3x3 canvases that are subtly perforated when printed, so photos and designs can be popped right out and hung where you'd like}

// INVITES {Anniversary Party, BBQ, Baby Shower, Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party, Bon Voyage, Bonfire, Book Club, Cocktails, Date Night, Dinner, Family Reunion, Fundraiser, GNO, Graduation, Halloween Party, Holiday Party, Housewarming, Just Because, Luncheon, Movie Night, New Year, Picnic, Poker Night, Pool Party, Religious Celebration, Thanksgiving, Wedding Events (Other), Wedding Save the Date, Wedding/Bridal Shower, Wine Tasting}

Sweet baby O graces all of these images & there is one with his Uncle Dalles, too

Dalles on the left & pretty sister and her husband on the right

// CALENDARS {3x3 canvases that are subtly perforated when printed, so calendars can be popped right out and hung where you'd like}

// HELLO {Grateful For You, Great To See You, Hi There! (Just Because), Miss You, Thinking of You, We Landed, Wish You Were Here}

// ANNOUNCE {Baby, Engagement, Graduation, Home/Moving, Just Married}
Pretty sister and her husband are featured in the wedding announcement on the left

// SUPPORT {Friendship + Support, Get Well Soon, Good Luck, Sympathy/Condolences, Thinking of You}

How happy would you be to receive a pretty Red Stamp text to say "I hope you feel better today!" rather than just a plain old text? I know it would make me smile!

I text lots {and LOTS} of pictures of my nephew out to my family every day, so my main use of Red Stamp so far has been to up that adorableness ante and make that sweet little guy even cuter with the Red Stamp fantasticalness. And I can't wait to use it for every other occasion... and non-occassion. {Just because is a great reason to send some virtual love, too!}

While I do love and get majorly giddy receiving correspondences from the good old Pony Express, Red Stamp sure is more eco-friendly and efficient, and it gives virtual correspondence some much-needed pizazz. Can you tell I'm obsessed and addicted?!

Have you heard of Red Stamp? Do you use it?


McKae @ Kaes Corner Design at: October 12, 2012 at 12:28 PM said...

What a fun app! I just downloaded it and I've been playing with it all morning! I'm never sending a regular text again!

Kerry at: October 12, 2012 at 12:33 PM said...

I agree, McKae! So glad you love it! I'm pretty sure I've driven Dalles crazy this past week with all of my Red Stamp texts! It's just too fun! xoxo

Maigen at: October 14, 2012 at 6:22 PM said...

So fun! I love so many, but my faves are the photo ones {maybe just because of the fabulous subject, baby O}!

I'm thinking about getting an i-phone, and here is another reason! :)


Kerry at: October 14, 2012 at 7:28 PM said...

Thanks, M! I could just eat that little guy up!

I must attest that you won't regret getting an iPhone, and I'm not really that into having the latest and greatest technology.


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