Slowly but surely...

Yes, yes, I know!  I have been in my new apartment for what feels like FOR.EV.ER.  And, I should have been all unpacked and living the glamorous life I am used to living for a while now.

But, it was only last night that I managed to get all my storage furniture and boxes into my new garage {thanks to some very nice family & church volunteers}!  My back problem really excluded too much lifting on my part, which is why I've been living with boxes up to my eyeballs since, ahem, August.  It's embarrassing. 

Finally, I am able to breathe!  Now, I can really unpack and get settled.
Yes, I need to do something with those cords!  Oops!  I hate that!  And, I should have turned off  "Law & Order" and turned on my silver lamp.  But, I am a non-pro photog, so this is what you get, for now! ;)  Anyway, ignore all that!  How PRETTY is this dresser?!
My West Elm dresser {which, yes, we have talked about a lot-- here, here, here & here} is finally in its place!  And, I think, it is styled the way I want it.  For now.  I do think I'm going to mount the tv on the wall at some point, so that I can add some books or something to the dresser top.

It's a lot smaller than my other dresser {which pretty much took up the whole length of the alcove}.  I'm thinking it's okay, if I can just tuck away the cords and the cable box/dvd player. 

Or, would you move it all the way to one side and put something next to it {big vase, pedestal, plant, or something else}?  

What's your suggestion?   


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