Style That Item: Lighting Roundup


Kerry was super sweet, but my breakfast area needs HELP!  I want to change everything from the cabinets to the wall color, to the appliances, to the counters, the lighting, ugh.  I DO love my table and chairs though :).  This place also needs a fun, graphic rug, but we'll focus on the lighting for now.  

Here is a sleek black and gold "claw" as I call it.  I love the shape of it and the fact that it has sections.  The bent segments are all staggered so that you can peek at the fun underside.  It's a real different look than what is currently happening in my kitchen, but if you've been reading for awhile, the colors are so me.  

I absolutely love this next light. It's perfect for any room, but especially warm loft areas.  This one would add an urban loft appeal to my ultra high ceilings.
modern woodsy

Here's the same pendant but in a dining room.  I just had to show this inspiration photo!  Check out the amazing wall of yellow windows, the rustic wood slats with the sleek consoles and chairs.  The light looks fabulous in this setup.  Taking a cue from the style crew, I could double up the pendant for more mass appeal.  
yellow windows

I'm obsessed, OBSESSED with this bubble chandelier that Kerry found.  It turns out that I had two pins showcasing this exact type of lighting, and I'm ITCHING for the day I get to acquire this kitchen!  I'm so in love with it! K, thanks for finding a place to buy the chandelier!

It reminds me of a royal bedazzled crown!  I like the symmetry, the roundness, combined with the contrast between fragility and iron. Gorgeous.

Here are a few other options I found and I'm not sure what to choose!  I like too many different styles!
lighting round up

Which would you pick for my kitchen or for yourself?  

Also, check out these lights made from paper clips!


Maigen at: October 9, 2012 at 8:48 PM said...

Your room is going to be so fabulous, any of these options will be great!

I loooove the bubble chandi that K found! My very fave is probably the hanging glass bubbles, especially doubled up, as pictured in the second room. The double-bubble! ;)


Kerry at: October 11, 2012 at 9:00 PM said...

YAY!! So glad that we were on the same page about the bubble chandelier! I think it would be amazing in your space!

I also loved that Roped Off Chandelier, and it's rustic, nautical feel!

And that paperclip chandelier?! People are too creative!


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