While I had originally planned to share my Monthly DIY Challenge results today, a major component of the new and improved dining room will be delivered on Saturday, so I'm holding off on the reveal until then. For those of you who just can't wait, get a sneak peak at the room here.

Fittingly, I bring you something short and sweet, but that has definitely given me a much needed paradigm shift in all aspects of my life these days.
polka dot backdrop via; design by me

I think this is my new mantra.

Happy {almost} Friday!

My house. If I had a bunch of money, that is.

I love D Home Magazine. It's awesome.

One day {quite a while back}, I was reading along, minding my own business, and came across a featured home that literally had most of my wish-list items in it.  It was, well, EXACTLY my style.  I just thought I'd share it with you.  I think it's exquisite.  And, umm, I still think it's uncanny.

Also, this is the perfect time of year to share it, since it was all done up purty for Christmas!
That chair!  Mongolian wool pillows!  Grey and white!  So me.

ahem, GHOST CHAIRS {one of my main coveted home items}
One of my lucite chairs {although, still planning to add Ghost chairs someday}

Perfect chandi and zebra rug, meet amazing chairs and super-cool table.  And, what about that console?
See my living room?  Isn't it at least in the same family?  I mean, not twins, or anything, but perhaps fraternal...

Now, this is where it gets just plain eerie.  I have this decor binder, and in it, my plans for my dining room {have been the same for more than 2 years}.  A glass table with chrome legs, these EXACT chairs, only in smokey grey lucite, and the sequoia metallic table.  Yes, it is the exact same room...

Here's their master:

The bedroom is different from mine, although I think everything in it is pretty me.  And, the color are pretty similar.  Here's mine:

photos of my home by the lovely Isabel {see the rest here}
Anyway, just wanted to show you what my apartment wants to be when it grows up! 

Have you ever read D Home?  I highly suggest it!

My Black Friday


H&M lace top $5 H&M jumper sweater, $12 

GAP cable knit sweater $34.96 / GAP 1969 sexy boot jeans $29.97 / GAP kids Uniform ponte peacoat $17.98 / GAP Double-knit mockneck $23.97 / GAP Baby Legging $9.06 (for a first birthday babe) 

JCP Skinny fit jeans  $10 / JCP Patterned skinny jeans $10 

Anthropologie Bib necklace $24.31

Target Threshold Microplush Blanket $19.99 / Target Threshold Microplush Blanket $19.99 /


Just a quick wardrobe update of what I brought home with me on Black Friday!  I usually forego clothing on BF and go more for home items, electronics, appliances and such, but I thought I'd try it with some of the good deals advertised!  On the top of my list was H&M for their $5 shirts, and JCP for their $10 jeans.  Along the way, GAP offered 30% on Thxsgiving Day plus free shipping, so that pretty much got me browsing their site.   I decided to just buy whatever I liked and justify the price with the 30% off.  So please don't judge me for any overpriced items that might've made my way into my wallet! :)  I'm really crossing my fingers that the GAP kids' peacoat fits me - haha!  Then, I just had to have me some new super soft blankets from Target in gray and dark teal.  That was a nice deal to stumble upon as I scurried my feet to the checkout lanes.  Grabbing 3 was not easy to carry...Let me just tell you, they are uber soft and lightweight, but I noticed them to be slightly thinner than I expected.  I was also happily surprised to find that Anthro was giving 25% off sale when strolling the mall at 6 am, so I had to buy that necklace.  I saw someone wearing it the last time I was at Anthro and I couldn't stop loving it.  It's sooo cheery!

Do you brave the stores on Black Friday or prefer to online shop?  And, should I keep my Coach bag?  I am NOT one to spend so much on such a small item!

Kerry and the Purple Crayon {Kerry's Monthly Love}


I've always gravitated toward color, whether in my wardrobe or my home. I'm not one to wear all black often nor decorate an all white room {though I think both are totally timeless and classic}; it's just not me. I need color in my home and in my wardrobe. It makes me happy. And while I love color, one that I tend to not gravitate toward often is purple. {Aside: My husband actually wears a lot of purple. And I love it on him.} However, lately I find that I'm a purple loving gal, whether it be adorning homes or bodies. Just call me Harold.

Here is a roundup of a few of my favorite purple pieces, all of which I'm obviously monthly loving.

I saw this image in a recent One Kings Lane email, and I've been obsessing over it. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to paint a wall purple in my home, but this is gorgeous. The purple wall, red table, and funky art and mirrors... I'm dying. Bravo, One King's Lane. Bra-vo.

Blair Eadie always gets it right, and this outfit is no exception. The red coat is gorgeous, but it's the pops of purple via her socks and gloves that make this look genius. And it totally reminds me of the vignette above. Do you see it, too?

lavender chair? Yes, yes, yes. I'm not a pastels kind of gal, but I'm loving all of these light-hued accents in this space. Lovely.

I adore this purple patterned tieback top. And don't even get me started on this genius level pattern mixing by Marni for H&M. Pretty, Pretty Printcess, indeed y'all.

I love this painting from Etsy shop LonadeAnna. It's so vibrant and interesting, and the purple is the real showstopper to me. I'm hoping to find a spot for it in my home so that I can make it mine. Muwah.

A top knot, studs, navy blazer, denim, and a perfect pop of color in the purple scarf? So simple and yet so stylish, and very easily recreated. Love.

A floral arrangement from my very own Thanksgiving table. The scheme all started with this napkin, and went from there. Since I'm on a purple kick, it was my first choice when it came to the floral arrangements, and I'm ecstatic about how they turned out.

Purple is universally flattering {especially on your eyes}, so why not purchase some purple for yourself and your home? I'm especially in love with the hue of those Hunter boots, and the adorableness of the The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm book cover. 
1 // 2 {score it for 20% off with code THANKS} // 3 // 4 {in Jolie Poupee} // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Are you a purple fan?

Style That Item: Isabel's Scarf


I just love Isabel's new scarf!  The colors are just beautiful and the pattern is sassy and on trend and just... *sigh* IT'S A SCARF, people!  There are really few things I like better.

I loved Kerry's looks and can't wait to see what Iz comes up with, too!

I had a few ideas, myself...

For our little teacher, I thought a cozy, work-appropriate look that still has style was in order!  She could wear this to school and running errands or hanging out after!
yellow studs / J Crew frenchie sweater / skinny jeans /  Kerry and I both swooned over this plaid wool crossbody while window shopping last month, but I also love this yellow one with this look, it's too hard to decide! / oxblood booties {also seen here}
Weekends are for looking good and feeling good!  I'm so excited that it's getting cool enough to break out the fall clothes!  Isabel will be super comfy in this Saturday look!  {And, glitter toes are always a good thing!}
cap /  relaxed jeans / coral stripe sweater / I love this incredible tweed bag / herringbone glitter chucks  
Here is something for Iz to wear while lunching with friends and shopping it up!  It's comfy and casual while still being stylish and fun.  {PLEASE ignore the white tank & camo pants that are pictured with the cardigan, if you can!}
maxi / cardi / Kate Spade gumdrop studs / clutch / Kerry used Isabel's own boots in her post, and I think it was such a great idea, I'm going to copy it! / watch
I don't know too much about the life of a teacher, but I know they have conferences with parents, and I'm guessing they have staff meetings and training conferences and stuff... This next look would be good for any of those and for meetings with photography clients.  I kept finding great options, so the tops and pants can be mixed and matched, using the jacket, shoes, earrings, bag, and {of course} scarf, with each combo.
 blue booties / herringbone jacket {I kind of like it with the denim top in the picture, or alternatively, with a tee or basic tank or even a sequin tank} / gumdrop studs / wool flannel crossbody bag / black skinny jeans / dark wash skinnies
This next look is for when Iz is at a photoshoot and needs to be comfy and may have a lot to carry {the bag is pretty big}. Once again, she has a couple of pairs of pants from which to choose! 
sweater / grey cord skinnies or mint skinnies / studs {adding these to my wish-list! So fab!} / bag / Isabel's boots
My last look is for a night out with R at the movies or a casual dinner with friends!    
Isabel's boots / dot henley dress / earrings / a cute camel coat that Iz can take in case she gets chilly in the theater and walking outside / gold faux croc clutch / tights  
I hope Isabel likes some of these looks!  She is sure to get lots of use out of her cute new scarf!  I just love fall dressing...

What is your favorite season for clothes?

My Thanksgiving Mini Me

My cute little cousin, Bella, was in town visiting my mom for Thanksgiving, and she is such a doll! 
I think she looks like she could be my daughter!  {I looked a lot like that as a kiddo.}  And, since this is a fashion blog, my top is from Old Navy.
She's also a riot.  She would make a funny face {which was basically just looking up to the side and pursing her lips} and crack up.  Then she would say, "and how about THIS?!"  And make the exact same face.  And, she kept doing it, over and over: "how about THIS?!" same face, "how about THIS?!" same face, "how about THIS?!" same face.  We would say "make an ugly face," and she would make the same cute face.  It was hilarious. 

It was fun to get to know such a goofy family member from out of town {I've only met her once before} and to spend time with my rad family!

me & my gorgeous sister, Georgia {who, by the way, looks this fab after having bronchitis for a week}
my necklace, which seems to favor my left boob {so annoying!}, is from H&M
What family members were cracking you up this Thanksgiving?

Santa, Baby

Hey Santa,

If you happen to make it to my little apartment near Dallas, Texas, and then happen to somehow {by breaking and entering, I'm guessing, since I have no chimney} make it inside, and also happen to NOT get a cap in your bowl-full-of-jelly a**, please leave me these gifts, near my silver foil Christmas tree from the 40s:
This I Married Adventure book would look amazing in my apt!  I've wanted a copy for-ev-er! / Sig Sauer 9 mm compact {and ammo, please} / Anthro candle in volcano / 2013 Volvo S60, preferably in navy with cream leather interior / this WE floor lamp in natural would be gorgeous in my bedroom / MAC lipstick in 'lickable' {such a terrible name} / J Crew coat / I'm obsessed with this metal root table / New Yorker Print {Pssst, Santa, you can get a framed one at Z Gallerie for like 60 bucks.  No, not 'bucks' like Rudolf! Dollars!} / How cute is this Johnny Cash necklace / Not the biggest Bill O'Reilly fan, but Killing Lincoln is supposed to be amazing / gorgeous Sam Edelman booties / hilarious desk calendar / Secret Wonderland or Paris Amour lotion
{blue Christmas wallpaper via}

I promise to leave you some lactose-intolerant-friendly almond milk and homemade store-bought cookies {which I will arrange on a plate and hide the packaging, hoping to fake you out}.

Thanks, SC.  You're a real pal.

{I really do love you, Santa, I just chose a comedic voice for this post that sounds a little snarky because it's funnier.  I even named my dog after you, "Walter Santa Little Jerry Seinfeld Brigman." See, that proves it.}


Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some sights of what Thanksgiving was like at my home this year.

Dalles made his mom's infamous candied yams

Owen came dressed as Squanto; he was our very own Squantowen

The world's most volcanic-like apple pie from Tootie Pie Co. It weighed 6lbs. I kid you not.

Hope you enjoyed a gratitude-filled day full of food, family, friends, and football.

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