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Like most people come fall, I've got a hankering for boots.  I'm sure the blogosphere is packed tightly to the brim of boot roundups.  I, however, needed a round-up more in my price range and I'm not talking the $100+ range.  Yes, this girl likes some cheap booty and is not at all picky about real vs. faux.  Low in price and high in classic style are the selling points here!  

I specifically needed brown boots, and Macy's was having a 15% off sale.  Coupled with a gift card, I added no.6 to my collection! (Ok, not really a collection.  I have one pair of boots.  Black boots.  Black "suede" boots that flop over and is peeling at the toes.  So not stylin...)  Now that I've got the brown taken care of, I'm realizing it's not as "cognac" colored as I'd like!  I think I should get to shop around some more!

I'm digging the ankle boots this year.  I love their proportion, I love how they look with leggings, dresses, skirts, skinnies, practically everything, and I love that they elongate my short stumpy legs.  They've got more of an edge to them then classic tall boots too.  There's a running joke in my head that I'm so afraid to be a "trend follower" that I end up waiting two or more years before I get in on it.  And by then, trend's over and I'm just looking like an idiot who is a "LATE trend follower".  

So into TJMaxx I went to try to be a Maxxanista and find some booties.  I found the BEST "leather" ankle boots with a low heel, perfect for days in leggings, skinnies, and skirts.  I must have tried them on at least 5 different times after walking around the store.  And no, they did not come home with me.  Sadness.  I just couldn't get past the darn snakeskin strip on the back side!  I just wanted plain timeless boots and they had to go slap some snake on them!  I tried to talk myself into adding some wildlife to my wardrobe, but I knew deep down it wouldn't have looked right with the items in my closet.  

I have yet to find another pair, but here's a virtual 12 am call for some booty.  (I'm positive I'm not the only one who's used this as a pun, but still loving it just the same!)bootie call

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There's a bit of classic, a bit of crazy, a bit casual, and a bit fancy in the mix.  Don't forget the lacey Mary Poppins ones too.  I'd like to see those with some rolled hem pants, or with a fun skirt.  My favorites though, are the flat heel and casual ones, because those are the ones I would actually get the most wear out of.

I hate having cold feet in the winter!  Can you bear the cold just to be fashionable?


Maigen at: November 2, 2012 at 7:17 PM said...

Oh, sooooo funny! This is the most hilarious post!
I really like the boots you got, I think they are so cute! {Even if they're not the exact color you want.}
You have so many great options here, and I want waaaay too many of them to come live in my closet!


Kerry at: November 5, 2012 at 1:18 PM said...

Hahaha! "I like big boots and I cannot lie" - so clever, friend!

I agree with M, great options! xoxo

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