I think I need a 12-step program...

I like pinterest.  Too much.  But, really, having such a diverse collection of  fashion and decor in the same place?!  It's like we were MFEO.

Anyway, I end up pinning waaayy too many things.  Eventually it just becomes white noise.  So, I wanted to consolidate my very favorites into some boards {here and here} that would be my go-to.  Things I would ACTUALLY want to copy, make, or springboard ideas off of.  From there, I figured a little post was in order.  {PS: just to give credit where credit is due, many of these pins are re-pinned from the fabulous Isabel & Kerry!  Muah!}

Without further ado, here are my top 10 fashion pins of all time {okay, so in theory, it's my top 10, but it may be a few lot more than that!  So hard to narrow down!}...

This first look may be familiar to you as I featured it in my cruise post as the perfect cruise outfit.  Now that I've been on a cruise, I think I'd rather wear this to town for a lunch or whilst driving around in a convertible {which I don't own, btw}.
This next look is divine, and would be perfect for Paris.  Which my heart misses a lot, for some reason.
Okay, nothing is more perfect than this entire look!  Even down to the hair, make-up and shoes, it's got it ALL!
Every girl needs a comfy outfit to bum around in, and something about this next look just wows me.  I think it must be the blue and orange and just the ease of everything!
The next look is amazing.  It's casual and elegant at the same time.  It is, to me, timeless.  {Poor girl, she's just getting out of her car and looks like "why you over there lookin' at me, while I'm just standin' here?"  [10 points if you can name that hip-hop artist.] How annoying that must be!}
J'adore this sassy, bright look!  I think that's her hair, but I always think it's a big fur collar from the tiny pic on pinterest.  Which is what I prefer to imagine it is!
Something is so classic about this next look!  Also, I am loving her hair style!
The gown, the belt, the gloves.  I mean, stop!  This is too good.
Something about the juxtaposition of a somewhat casual top and this fierce peplum skirt just works.  Love the colors, too!
The next photo is just awesome.  The look on the left is my fave {it's all about the accessories}!  Country-clubbin'.  Haha!
Here's another preppy classic.  Now, I can never wear this color.  I can't even think about it without looking sallow.  But, the "Moonrise Kingdom" thing is too fab to pass up.  Add a few inches to the shorts and make sure they're seersucker, please.  {PS, check out these cute little foxy finds that Kerry posted about as an alternative!}
Last but certainly not least, a rockin' pair of sky-high pumps that would certainly make my calves look great while my feet bleed and inside I die a little.

So, originally I was going to do fashion and home in this post, but it got to be way too much!  So, look out for the home installment in the next few days!  Ciao, darlings, hope you enjoyed my little collection!  

PS:  Which is your fave?  Or, do you have a different pin that you'd like to share?


Kerry at: November 8, 2012 at 7:51 AM said...

Great fashion pins!

My favorite dressier option is the cream dress with the black lace and the black tights with killer black heels. That is timeless perfection. Swoon!

Favorite casual look: the distressed denim and relaxed blouse with the blue heels.


Giovanna at: November 8, 2012 at 11:23 AM said...

Great pins! Loving the slippers in the Preppy Classic look! Too cute!


Lilly at: November 12, 2012 at 4:23 PM said...

I love that tunic look! I thought a tweed jacket was something that I liked but would never actually wear until I saw that pin recently. Now, I must have one.


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